Modern Man Chairs for the Modern Man (Cave)

Do you have a space for you, a man cave of your very own? Well, man caves no longer look like stuffy garages and basements, and the furniture that decorates it must also be updated to match. You deserve a good sitting chair that you can have in any room of your house, whether it be a rec room or a living room. Sleek, modern chairs that are the perfect trend right now for men, exuding strong personality while being comfortable in any furniture arrangement. Here are some ideas of what to look for in a quality man chair that you can keep in your own space or in one you share with a loved one.


Black Accent Chair, Malibu BLACK by Bellini Modern Living

Neutral colors are the most fitting for a modern man chair, so go for a black, brown, or grey. Why? These colors are stain resistant and match everything, so you crack open a cold one with the boys on game night without having to worry about spills damaging your good chair if it gets a little rowdy. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect chair and then immediately staining it. It may seem a little boring to not have a chair with a lot of pizzazz in the color department, but a hot-rod red man chair can quickly look tacky in a living room environment.


Sydney Grey Velvet Chair, TOV-C64 by Tov Furniture

Leather or a leather-looking equivalent is ideal because it’s tough, like you, and it’s a more durable kind of fabric to have for a good man chair. When it does wear and tear, it still looks good for a long time, as leather gets away with a classy “weathered” look in modern homes. You could also go for a softer touch like velvet if you find leather uncomfortable, which is completely understandable seeing as leather gets sticky in the summer or you just might need a little more cushion for long sitting periods. Remember the perfect man chair is about your own preferences and not what you think other people define a man chair as.


Espresso Occasional Chair, 98085 by Zuo

Back and arm support are crucial to owning a comfortable man chair you can sit in frequently. You don’t imagine a bar stool as a man chair because it’s not intended to support you for long periods of time; you’re not supposed to get too comfortable at a bar. That said, how high you want the arm rests to go, or if you prefer a chair without them, is a choice up to your personal levels of comfort. This also applies to if you want a chair that has a slight recline introduced in its back, which some of the chairs have as an option. Note that I’m not talking about reclining chairs, but chairs that have a permanent arch in their backing.

Simple Vs Style

Jed Chair, TOV-A65 by Tov Furniture

Once you have your basic structure of your ideal man chair picked out, let’s get into the details. A truly modern chair is as minimalist as possible with no flourishes. This is the area where a leather fabric really shows off, being the man chair’s main component. The most detail you’re going to get on these kinds of furniture is in the legs. Do you want thin or thick legs on your chairs? Do you want them to taper, or be the same width throughout? Metal, wood, or wood look-alike are going to be your best options, and you should really think about what kind of flooring this chair is going to rest on, and if it’s going to be moved often, when making the decision. You really don’t want to pick a gorgeous man chair  and then have it immediately scuff your floors. Wood legs are better on hardwood, and metal on carpet, though you can always buy a couple of little foam pads to stick to the underside and avoid scuffing entirely as well.

Tanned Arm Chair, 23336 by Uttermost

A stylish chair definitely is your other option, and the one that really has a lot of character. It’s easy to get caught up in an excessive piece that looks good on its own, but clashes with the rest of your furniture. Go for a classy tufted back that gives your chair an old business kind of look, as buttons tend to match their chair’s color and don’t stand out too much. Nail head detailing is good for the same reason, though they are more neutral metal colors than the exact color of your man chair. A little bling for your chair tells everyone that you’re not just a man, you’re a stud. A nail stud. No matter what you end up choosing, your chair will be the perfect addition to a modern man cave.