Five Types of Novelty Bedding to Showcase Your Personality

Have you ever wanted to showcase your personality in the bedroom, but not sure how? Instead of buying boring, department store bedding, get one of these fashionable and unique novelty bedspreads instead. There are different types of novelty bedding for all tastes: to sleep in the comfort of famous artwork, to embrace your flower power, to visit the world in your room, to bring an exotic animal to bed, and to sleep inĀ style.

Egyptian Cotton Luxury Bedding, DM422K by Dolce Mela

To begin, this decorative spread is for those who appreciate fine art. Ever wanted to sleep in the quiet serenity of a museum? This is the type of bedding for you, as it brings fine colors and rich paintings to your bedroom. Your options include classical art, modern and post-modern shapes, and abstract. Don’t just sleep in your bed, make it a think-piece you can wrap around yourself comfortably. Art has never been so soft and cozy.

Rose 6 Piece Duvet Cover Sheet Set Bed, DI282Q by Diana Bedding

Bring spring and summer into the bedroom year-round with floral novelty bedding. It’s incredibly romantic if you don’t want to spread rose petals around the room, and can be easily stored away the rest of the time. It’s also good if you just want a flowery touch in your room all the time without having to water plants or keep your blinds open to ensure they always get enough sunlight. Roses are the most popular type of floral bedding, but there are more types of flowers available, including poppies, magnolias, almond flowers, cherry blossoms, tulips, and whole bouquets. There are so many kinds of flowers that I could spent a paragraph just listing them all. Seasonal allergies not included!

Cities 6 Piece Duvet Cover Sheet Set , LE90Q by Le Vele

You also have the option to carry nostalgia for your past adventures into the bedroom with this world-traveled bedding. This is good for those with wanderlust or just a love for architecture. There are multiple famous monuments to choose from, so you’ll can pick your favorite travel destination and sleep with fond memories every night. Ever wanted the Leaning Tower of Pisa in your bedroom? We have it! The Eiffel Tower? Got that too. We even have the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben.

Cutie Pie Animal Print Bedding, DM487Q by Dolce Mela

Animal print bedding is another way to go, good for animal lovers, those who can’t have pets in the home, and children who keep begging for a dog but aren’t ready for the responsibility of a living creature yet. This one is personally my favorite, being a big dog and cat person myself. Nothing is sweeter than my pets curling up on an image of an equally adorable animal print bedding. Styles include both domestic and exotic animals like dogs, horses, and cats along with lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my! The best part of all is that none of them come with the accompanying dander but all the cuteness of your favorite critters.

Cliodna Luxury Linen Bedding, DM471K by Dolce Mela
Cliodna Luxury Linen Bedding, DM471K by Dolce Mela

This is an important catch-all for bedding if the above types listed haven’t caught your fancy, or you just need something more low-key for your bedroom. These bedding sets range from colorful to subdued, and simple to complex in their patterning. Stripes, checkerboards, polka dots, and many more are options in this broad category of bedspreads. It’s easier to match your current sheets or new sheets to this type of bedspread than any other because you don’t have to stick to neutral colors like beige, white, or black. Go crazy! Make your bedding as unique as you.