Full Length Mirrors – A Trendy Statement Piece For A Contemporary Home

One of the most interesting up and coming new design trends is one that isn’t actually new at all – the re-emerging popularity of large format, full length mirrors. Despite their usefulness, mirrored closet doors have started to feel a little dated. But old fashioned freestanding mirrors (and genuinely old ones) are making a big comeback. Not only do they let you see your full body in reflection, but offer several unique design possibilities as well.

Double Trouble

Mirrors are often used in design in just about every room in the home. Even if you don’t strictly need to see your reflection, a reflective surface can make your space seem larger. Large, frameless mirrors can double a small room, while smaller statement mirrors can reflect sunlight and brighten a dark corner. Full length mirrors do both, and they do both well. A very large, well placed mirror can even create the impression of a doorway and a whole extra room, making your space feel much larger than it is.

Window To The World

Similarly, full length mirrors with stylistic panes can mimic the appearance of a large window or french door. Even if the view the mirror reflects isn’t an outdoor one, the faux panes and reflected light play a visual trick on the eye, making the mirror seem to be a source of outdoor light. This works especially well in spaces that get a lot of natural light, of course. But the look can work in just about any room, especially if placed against a darker wall.

Industrial Age

One of the major sources of the surge in popularity of full length mirrors is the booming popularity of an industrial warehouse/farmhouse design. Slightly weathered paint and reclaimed wood and wrought iron are hugely popular materials, as well as industrial and antique fixtures like pulley lights and – you guessed it – full length mirrors. These are often made with aged materials, like weathered gold leaf or iron. You’ll also see a lot of paint with points of wear-through or a crackled or worn whitewash finish. This turns the mirror into a weather-worn statement piece that works great with an industrial decor.

Add An Antique

More traditional full length mirrors with elaborately carved wood frames are regaining popularity as well. Lovely in a luxury bathroom or old fashioned sitting room, these mirrors are an easy way to add a traditional element to your space. Even in a more contemporary space, a mirror with an ornate antique frame is a nice, unexpected way to add a touch of traditional sophistication, no matching antique furniture needed.

Make It Art

One of my favorite things about full length mirrors is that, with a sufficiently interesting frame (whether it’s ornately carved or artistically aged),  it can act quite nicely as a piece of artwork. Because these large format mirrors are just coming back into vogue, they’re still rare enough to be surprising. Because they’re very large, they definitely draw the eye and can act as a focal point of your design. That means that a single sufficiently decorative mirror can even dominate an entire wall without the need for other added artistic elements. This can dramatically simplify your life if you weren’t looking forward to decorating a whole large wall.

Make It Modern

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that while the bulk of this trend is leaning towards old fashioned and antique mirrors, some modern designers have thrown their hat in the ring as well. Now, most contemporary mirrors are in a single (boring) rectangular frame. But if you look you can find full length mirrors in unique shapes, ones with really wild frames, or, my personal favorite, ones with a traditional design done in bright enameled colors. PolArt specializes in this type of modern antique, with eye-catching designs that work especially well in an urban chic design.

Full length mirrors are fun, functional, and stylish – a great way to add a pop of personality to almost any room in your home.