PolArt Modern Furniture Wows With Colorful, Classically Inspired Designs

If you’re looking for a bold, colorful statement piece for your modern living space, you’ve come to the right place. I’m always on the lookout for unique, unusual new takes on modern furniture. Regular readers of the blog will know that some of my absolute favorite modern furniture picks are ones that riff on antique designs. PolArt, a specialty furniture designer from Mexico, offers modern furniture and accent pieces that are all this and more, with breathtaking takes on classical furnishings made with brightly colored polyresin, perfect for a statement piece that will really wow.

What Is PolArt?

An image of a living room with blue walls and floors. The living room furniture is baroque-styled, but a solid robin's egg blue
PolArt has re-imagined the antique replica, breathing new life and a modern sensibility into classic baroque designs

So, what exactly do I mean by all this – colorful, classic but modern furniture? Well, I’ll let PolArt speak for itself with this striking living room set. All the pieces are done in pitch-perfect antique style. But instead of elaborately carved mahogany and plush velvet or rich leather, these pieces are all a simple, bold, robin’s egg blue. The sleek fabric cushions and cast poly-resin combine to make a look that’s as strikingly modern as it is perfectly period-inspired.

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Making A Case For Color

An image of an antique-styled dome chair done in solid blue plastic and vinyl
These bold, colorful antiques make striking accent pieces – a single chair or small table can add major wow factor to your space

Admittedly, not everyone is going to want a peacock blue Victorian-inspired sofa set. Heck, not every home decor exactly lends well to such a set up. But even a single, brightly colored piece of modern furniture will add interest to your space. Any primary color is a good choice for a statement piece; classic blue is a trendy choice that’s bold without being overly assertive. If your living room or family room is otherwise a more traditionally modern, neutral/industrial palette, a unique, bright pop of color like this is an even better way to easily dress up your decor.

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Pick A Color, Any Color

An image of four chairs and two tables lined up on a brick patio. Each one is a different solid, bold color
All of PolArt’s furniture is made to order, with a huge range of customizable color and finish options for both the resin and upholstery

That said, one of my favorite things about PolArt’s modern furniture is that, while almost every designer has at least one wild red accent piece, all of PolArt’s furniture is available in a huge variety of colors, all of them bold, all of them striking, and all entirely up to you. From a more neutral chocolate, black, or white to screaming yellow, fuchsia, purple, orange, green, or blue, all of their modern furniture is available in an amazing selection of bright colors that complete their urban-chic style. And when it comes to furniture with cushions? You can even opt for a different color frame and material, for an extreme, bold contrast.

Indoor/Outdoor Style

An image of a bright oragne, baroque-styled loveseat and armchair sitting in on the beach right at the tide line as waves come in
If you plan to use your new furniture outdoors, be sure to specify a matte color finish and marine-grade vinyl for maximum durability

One of the biggest advantages of PolArt’s use of polyresin? You can use many of their pieces both indoors and out. Their outdoor chairs will have a slightly different finish to make them more durable; visually, they’ll be slightly less glossy, but without any changes to the design itself. They also feature marine-grade outdoor upholstery. It has the same great look as their indoor vinyl, but is safe to use in wet conditions.

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Cool Cutaways

An image of a solid black rectangle with the shape of an antique armoire cut into the surface, with filled shelves mounted inside
Looking for more than just antique replicas PolArt also has some unique, minimalist takes on classic designs

Ever since I first laid eyes on this awesome lamp from Acrila, I’ve been on the lookout for something similar: ultra-minimized, cut-out, or silhouetted modern furniture versions of an antique design. PolArt’s InsideOut collection takes the cake. Their bookshelves are a personal favorite, but the whole collection operates on a similar idea. Take an iconic antique silhouette and carve it into a simple, solid square, for an “inside out” version. I love love love this look; it’s a pitch perfect tongue in cheek modern take on classical form, and a great way to bring a sophisticated, sassy modern furniture to your living space.

Why Does This Work So Well?

An image of an intensely white living room, filled with baroque inspired chaise lounges with white frames and upholstery
Where most modern and transitional design simplifies the detail work on classic antique shapes, PolRey instead simplifies the materials and palettes for a solid, bold look

I’ll admit, this is definitely a (very distinct) subset of modern furniture design; it’s worlds away from the simple, clean, minimal lines you might think of when you think of modern furniture. But she shapes of classical furniture design are pretty deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness. When we see them, we immediately register luxury, sophistication, and maybe even a sense of reglaness. But there’s no denying the modern look of a stark white piece against a colorful background (or a very colorful piece of modern furniture on a stark white background). The old world chic lends a little elegance, and makes the piece as unexpected as the color makes it bold. And that’s nothing if not modern!

So if you’re looking for an eye catching, stunning accent piece – or even a bold new vibe for your whole living space, PolArt offers a totally unique, boutique style to make your room stand out.