Top Ten Small Bathroom Vanities Under 20 Inches (You Won’t Find Smaller!)

It’s always difficult to make the most of a small bathroom. Balancing storage space and simple functionality becomes more difficult the smaller your space is. But sometimes the best thing you can do is opt for a really – and I do mean really – small bathroom vanity, at least as long as you choose the right one. These are the pick of the litter, all under 20 inches and all intelligently designed to use space as efficiently as possible.

The Pedestal

The easiest answer when you’re shopping small bathroom vanities is to opt for a pedestal vanity. The problem is, while pedestal vanities and pedestal sinks are, admittedly, quite small – and make a nice display for a beautiful vessel sink – they often run into the problem of not having much storage, or in some cases none at all. This Roman Column Vanity from Silkroad Exclusive is a really nice exception. The smallest vanity on this list at a mere foot wide and foot deep, it also has storage shelves inside. Plus, you can still show off that vessel sink!

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The Wall Mount

Wall mounted bathroom vanities are a good option in a small bathroom as well. This Pulito Vanity is a ridiculously lean 16 inches wide, with a design inspired by the compact sinks you’d find on a small ship or sailboat. The vanity is supremely minimal. The counter is taken up entirely by the sink, with an offset faucet that makes it possible to squish the vanity itself down to less than 9″ deep. This vanity is basically like installing a cubby on the wall that happens to accommodate tooth brushing and hand washing. It takes up virtually no space – you’d even have trouble grazing it if you walked past.

Of course, wall mounted bathroom vanities are available in slightly larger sizes. This Chianti Vanity a little taller, and you can find ones that are also deeper or wider. A bigger vanity means more storage space, but added width and depth can also make your bathroom feel crowded. If you do want more space, make sure to look for a vanity that still has an offset faucet. Since offset faucets are always attached to smaller sinks, they’re a good indicator that a vanity is lean enough for a very small bathroom. You still won’t have much counterspace, but the innovative sink design means you’ll have a full-sized basin even with your vanity extending only a little more than a foot away from the wall.

To maximize your storage space, look for a wall mounted vanity with either a vessel sink or an integrated sink. It might seem like a small cosmetic change, but having a sink that sits entirely on top of the vanity rather than being recessed into it will help maximize the amount of usable storage space inside, which is crucial in vanities that are this small. I particularly like this Adour Vanity, which has both a cabinet and a drawer despite its lean appearance.

The Corner Vanity

I love a good corner bathroom vanity in a small bathroom. They take advantage of the least usable space, minimizing your vanity’s footprint while providing the maximum amount of storage. As a bonus, the angle of corner vanities orients you so the space feels wider, giving you extra elbow room. Already a lean 18″ wide, this vanity is sliced diagonally to take up even less space. That makes it functionally one of the smallest vanities on this list.

The Oldie But Goodie

Far and away most of the vanities in the 20″ range are innovative and very modern in style. In fact, pickings are pretty slim for very very small traditional bathrooms. You can find some very pretty pedestals, but not a lot in the way of added storage. That said, there’s definitely something to be said for time-tested features. Shaker-style, open shelf vanities like this Cara Vanity have both an iconic style and a simple but effective design. The waist-height cabinet is easily accessible, while the open shelf is perfect for bulky items like towels or toilet paper. Unfortunately, that traditional style comes at a cost: at a full 20″ wide, it’s the biggest vanity on this list.

Another traditional feature you’ll find on space saving bathroom vanities in this size range is the presence of apron-style sinks. Where many very small bathroom vanities scale down their sinks and/or offset their faucets, ones with apron sinks let you have a full, basin style sink and a traditionally-oriented faucet. Ones that curve out toward the front take a little more space, but will give you a larger basin. Tall, square sinks that sit on top of the counter (like the one on this Malta Vanity) will give you more top-to-bottom depth while minimizing the space lost inside the cabinet.

Simple, Modern, And Stuffed With Storage

If you want the smallest bathroom vanity possible while maximizing your storage space, you should opt for a modern design. Something simple like this Sydney Vanity┬áis a perfect option. It’s a slim 18″ with a wide sink basin but just enough space to store essentials on the counter. The waist-height cabinet offers plenty of storage space, and doubles down on it with a single drawer at the bottom. You don’t often find this feature on vanities this small, but it helps ensure your whole cabinet is usable.

Just because a vanity is small doesn’t mean it has to be plain. Adding a little curve to the legs, a flourish to the shape, or even just a touch of texture or patterning to the surface of the wood can make a very simple, compact modern vanity much more visually interesting. The coffee oak finish and gold frame and hardware on this Columbia Vanity makes what is otherwise a rather boxy design much more appealing. The legs add a little extra storage, too!

Finally, simple is as simple does. This trim, 16 inch Allier vanity is about as lean as they come, but has everything you need in a simple, squared package. It has an easy to reach cabinet, a roomy drawer, and a sink that’s subtly but stylishly raised above the surface of the counter to give the vanity a little personality.

No matter how small your bathroom, there’s a good chance there’s a vanity out there that will not only fit, but actually make your space a little easier to use – you just might need to do a little looking!

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