White Bathroom Vanities – The Perfect Finishing Touch For Your Bathroom

There are quite a few advantages to white bathroom vanities. I’ve talked about a few before: white is a light, bright, open color that can help open up a room. Because it’s also the most neutral color, it’s easy to change the look of your bathroom without having to swap out your vanity or worry whether your new colors will clash. That said, there’s a huge variety of sizes, styles, and designs that qualify as “white vanities”. So if you’re a little stumped on where to start, these are a few of my favorites!

Keep It Classic

ThisĀ Traditional white vanity from Silkroad Exclusive is antique-inspired – from the carved molding just below the counter to the sassy period style feet. Even the curved edges and the slightly concave doors and drawers all come from genuine historical designs. It’s not quite a replica antique, but the design is both classical and timeless; the blemishless white finish evokes Greek and Roman marble architectural carvings, enhancing the regal feel of the vanity. Perfect for a stately, luxurious period inspired bath.

Similarly, this slightly off-white Buckingham vanity from Modetti incorporates several antique details, like the romanesque column corners and intricately carved feet. Like the vanity from Silkroad Exclusive, it uses a variety of antique design elements to help bring a sense of classical flair and opulence to a contemporary bathroom. While it’s not a true antique, leaning into this traditional style is perfect for a more lavish bathroom design.

Make It Modern

For a more updated twist, you really can’t beat this classy, sleek Bow vanity from American Imaginations. One of my absolute favorite vanities, this one merges a very modern white finish with polished chrome elements and classically-inspired curves. The front surface is sleek and seamless. But the vanity as a whole echoes a more traditional silhouette, like a vintage dressing table. Perfect for a sophisticated yet minimal bathroom!

This Brittany vanity, too, combines a minimal modern design with only the subtlest hints of classical inspiration. The thin, beaded paneling is reminiscent of fine 18th century wainscoting (and looks great paired with similar wall panels), which brings just a touch of class to an otherwise simple vanity. The vintage pulls and towel bars also help enhance the period feel. That said, the simple lines are casual enough that this vanity can work with just about any decor, from ultra modern to very traditional.

Casual Cottage Style

It’s amazing how much just a few simple lines can do for the overall look and feel of a vanity. This Danube vanity from Ryvyr is narrower and replaces the simple square-in-square wainscoting with a medium thickness beadboard style, immediately making it look and feel more casual. Again, this works great with a matching wall treatment, and is the perfect companion to a cottage style bathroom. The right paint color will make this icy white look warm and inviting and brighten even a dimly lit space.

Or A Hint of Cape Cod

Turn those vertical beadboard lines into horizontal slats like those on this Savannah vanity and again the look changes completely. One part tropical beachside and one part New England seaboard, the door on this vanity echoes hurricane shutters. The dazzlingly bright white finish will make your space feel light and open; perfect for a bathroom in the Hamptons (or for making yours feel like one!).

This Winslow vanity from Direct Vanity is like the Savannah’s older brother; sized to fit two sinks with storage space to spare but with similar shutter style under-the-sink doors. The beadboard-like lines make this vanity very cottage bathroom friendly (even if it has a slightly more New England feel). But it’s big enough to serve a large master bathroom rather than the teeny-tiny space typically associated with the style.

Off White And Cream Finishes

It’s becoming a little rarer, but you can still find white bathroom vanities that aren’t dazzlingly white. Weathered or distressed whites work best with a vintage look, either shabby-chic or more antique. This Antique White vanity is a little off-white and weathered to enhance the wood carvings. If you have a low-light bathroom (especially one with no natural light), a white that tends more toward cream will turn warm rather than gray, like a pure-white vanity, which can help keep your space feeling cozy and inviting.

Simple Modern Lines

Then again, sometimes you just want something simple and contemporary. This Linear vanity is sleek and open, with lots of horizontal lines to help visually expand your bathroom. That little bit of lift from the legs gives the sense of more open space without sacrificing storage space the way you sometimes will with a truly open vanity. And with built-in outlets and shelves inside each cabinet, it’s a vanity that’s as convenient to use as it is fun to look at.

Superior Storage

This Zola vanity from Virtu USA does much the same thing in a slightly more compact design. The glass-fronted doors create a subtle sense of openness while cramming as much storage as possible into a small silhouette. The advantage of this is not only that there’s more storage, but that it’s easier to get to. The simple design and squared satin nickel drawer pulls give the vanity a more modern feel, but this is still a look that’s well suited to a more contemporary cottage style bath.

Depending on how small your bathroom is, though, and whether or not you have any room for extra storage, you might be better off opting for white bathroom vanities more like this compact, ultra-functional Livello vanity from Fresca. Another personal favorite, this little workhorse doubles up on the drawer space, with four soft-close drawers that go all the way up to the height of the sink. Some of the drawers are funky-shaped, but offer about as much storage as you can get for the size. If you’re really crunched for space, it also comes in svelte 24″ version that has the same simple, striking design.


Finally, if you care about storage space exactly not at all? A truly minimal white vanity like this Haus console is a perfect minimal-yet-dramatic statement piece for a contemporary bathroom. Made of vitreous china and stainless steel, this vanity comes as a single sink/counter unit that’s so pared down you can even skip on the towel rack. Just remember you’ll have to find somewhere else to stash your toothbrush!

White bathroom vanities come in a huge variety of sizes, styles, designs, and even finishes. No matter what your dream decor, there’s almost certainly a white vanity out there that will not only fit your needs!

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