Sagehill Vanities For A Relaxing Seaside Cottage Style Bathroom

The ideal bathroom remodel is always a little bit of a getaway – whether it’s a sleek, modern space for grownups to escape the kids, a decadent Victorian decor to turn back the clock, or even an Asian fusion style to take you around the globe, the goal is relaxation, to sneak you out of the daily grind and into a place where you can unwind. But sometimes those magazine centerfold bathrooms can seem almost too nice to use, too sterile or too delicate. For something that’s beautiful but a little more rugged, I love a cottage style bath – the simple white vanities are clean without being cold, and can transport you to a place that’s more cozy than couture while still being utterly stylish.

Sagehill Designs 48" Bathroom Vanity from the Cottage Retreat Collection
Sagehill Designs 48

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Sagehill actually has a whole collection of  white bathroom vanities dedicated to creating a country cottage design. Their Cottage Retreat series is specifically designed to create exactly the feeling I’m talking about: just a little bit casual but all class, engineered to evoke a cozy cottage in the countryside or right on the beach. One of their most popular designs, these vanities are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit just about any bathroom. Their 48″ model is the largest and most sought after, in no small part because of its ample storage and counter space. The lightly antiqued white finish – which will show as a very pale biscuit in some lights – gives the vanity a comfortably worn feeling, which in turn helps play into your bathroom getaway. Evoking slower, calmer days past, this white vanity will help give your bathroom the appearance of a turn of the century seaside vacation home.

Sagehill Designs 24" Vanity Cabinet with 2 Doors form the Cottage Retreat Collection
Sagehill Designs 24

Sizes scale down from there; the collection contains vanities at 36″, 30″, and even a petite 24″ model that offers the same country charm in a much smaller package. The smallest ones are excellent for a small bathroom, offering lots of compact storage with a very small footprint. No matter what size or shape you opt for, though, throughout the collection each of the vanities has a simple bead board design inspired by the classic tongue-and-groove style paneling as well as a subtle Victorian influence on the doors, drawers, feet, knobs, and pulls. Straddling the simplicity of contemporary design with the elegance of vintage vanities, the Cottage Retreat collection is truly timeless, with an unpretentious and comfortable design that’ll not only make you feel at home, but also at ease.

Sagehill Designs Bathroom Vanity Cabinet with Open Shelf from the Seaside Collection
Sagehill Designs Bathroom Vanity Cabinet with Open Shelf from the Seaside Collection

If you want an even more compact vanity, Sagehill’s Seaside Vanity is also a svelte 24″ wide,  but has a more open design than those in the Cottage Retreat collection, opting for an airy arched open shelf rather than closed storage cabinets and drawers. This beautiful white vanity echoes those in Sagehill’s other cottage collection with its simple slatted texture, but rather than the gently aged cream color, the seaside vanity comes in a crisp, bright white finish for a look reminiscent of specifically beachhouse design. The lack of storage could make it a little less appealing, but if you have spare space to stash your hairbrush, an open vanity can create a nice breezy feel, and two of these make a perfect symmetrical substitute for a bulky double vanity.

Sagehill Designs 36" Bathroom Vanity From The Cottage Retreat Collection
Sagehill Designs 36

All of the Cottage Retreat comes with a selection of granite or marble counter tops. The white Carrara marble is great for a bathroom with bolder accent colors, like a red, white, and blue turn-of-the-century coastal New England beach house, whereas the beige, brown, or especially the black granite make for a sharper contrast and work better with subtle pastel blues and soft yellows for a sunny seaside effect. Of course, you can also opt to have your own vanity top cut out of just about any material you want – but personally? I think the midnight black granite makes a perfect counterpoint to lend a little extra elegance to the casual creamy white finish.

Sagehill Designs Wide Framed Vanity Mirror from the Cottage Collection (with 36" Vanity)
Sagehill Designs Wide Framed Vanity Mirror from the Cottage Collection (with 36

The Cottage Retreat collection also comes with matching mirrors in 30″ and 35″ versions. These are made of the same veneered oak as the vanities, and have the same bead board face framing the mirror, which is, in turn, framed by a simple but elegant crown molding. This combination of simple, casual design and sophisticated, classical accents ensures your cottage style bathroom will look decadent and luxurious without being offputting. Unless you’re space limited, I’d opt for the larger of the two mirrors, as the reflective surface can help increase the appearance of light, helping to brighten your bath and give the impression of a warm, sunny space – exactly what you want for a cottage style.

If you find the industrial look of many modern bathrooms off-putting, or the opulence of a full Victorian decor a little overwhelming, a cottage style bathroom can be just the backdrop you’ve been looking for to get a little R&R while you bathe. From their sunny white finishes to their New England beachside chic, Sagehill’s cottage vanities are a great place to start building your new escape. Do you have a cottage or seaside style bathroom? What are your favorite elements? What attracts you to the design?

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