The Search for a Super Soaker Shower Head

Multi Function Bell Shaped Shower Head from California Faucets
Shower Head

Nobody deserves having to suffer a wimpy shower. Last year, it felt like my shower head wasn’t even trying anymore. In the morning when my eyes don’t open and my throat is scratchy, I am counting on my shower to get me exhilarated and fresh to face the day. All of  these shower heads meet the 2.5 gallon per minute regulation. Extra pressure leads to a shorter shower, which is good for conserving water and saving money.

Shower Head with Four Jets from California Faucets

California Faucets makes the standard shower head with four jets. Less jets is often a good thing if you want high water pressure to wake you up and super soak your hair. I have long, thick hair. If a shower has inferior pressure, it takes me what feels like forever to wash it. I’m pressing my scalp against the shower face, just trying to get my hair damp.

Six Jet Shower Head by California Faucets

The golden six jet shower head will pour direct, high power streams. California Faucets is a very reliable provider. They use brass materials in all of their shower heads not only for high quality performance, but for the good of the planet. Brass is a recyclable and valuable material. Definitely look for fixed shower heads with brass ball joints. These will guarantee a long life for the fixture.

Shower Head by Jacuzzi


Jacuzzi makes a formidable rival, the six jet bellavista round shower head. The lever on the side allows you to adjust the jets from strong streams to a soft mist. Jacuzzi’s product is also made of solid brass.

Single Function Shower Head by California Faucets

Shower heads with larger faces and more streams often result in lower pressure that feels like a gentle rain. Shower heads with wide angles of dispersion generally result in weak pressure. However with the right design that truly prevents blockage, you can find a shower head with many streams that will feel like a soaking rain. This single function shower head has thirty-six self cleaning jets that guarantee good pressure.

Multi Function Bell Shaped Shower Head from California Faucets

The multi function shower head from California Faucets, as its name suggests, has a variety of functions. A lot of people like choices. I like high pressure jets soaking my hair in seconds and massaging my scalp and spine, but I can see the benefits of having different types of streams. You can choose between wider coverage, high pressure focused attention, or a gentle mist. Even with a single function fixture that does not adjust pressure, you can always add body jets or a hand shower fixture. Low flow hand showers are great for water conservation because you’re applying water directly to your body and wasting very little.  If you want to see body jets in action, just watch the first ten minutes of the film Mommy Dearest. Joan Crawford takes a luxurious shower in her mansion, scrubs her face in steaming hot water and then rinses in a large bowl of ice water.

Eight Jet Shower Head from Rohl

Rohl makes shower heads too. The eight jet adjustable flow shower head is part of the Michael Berman Collection. In places with low water pressure such as high rises, yachts, and mobile homes a quality shower head like this can turn a dribbly nightmare into a more than decent shower.

The Rose Shower Head from Rohl

The Michael Berman Collection also includes the rose shower head with a wide face for streams and an adorable vintage look. Many people think they have lower water pressure than they really do because they have an inferior shower head. A wider face on a fixture doesn’t always mean less water pressure as long as it is designed well.

The Porcelain Bell Shower Head from California Faucets

If you want to splurge on something beautiful and unique, California Faucets makes an elegant porcelain bell shower head. Before buying, find out the company’s pressure ratings on their shower heads. Most shower heads range between 50 and 70, and some are as low as 35. Anything above 70 is a very nice product.

Picot Shower Head California Faucets

California Faucets actually puts out a lot of the really creative and stylish shower fixtures, like the Picot.

Contemporary Shower Head from Rohl

Rohl is a worthy contender, however. They make the highly functional, sleek and modern single function shower head featured above. It has elastomer nozzles for easy cleaning of mineral build-up, which means a more powerful and effective shower in the home.

Water conservation reduces the energy used at wastewater treatment plants and replenishes more of our planet’s environment. A quality shower head makes getting clean go faster, regulates water flow while providing good pressure.