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Steamist Saunas and Steam Rooms

With over 50 years of experience, Steamist is the leading producer of residential and commercial steam baths, offering a variety of luxury health and relaxation options to create a totally customizable steam bathing experience. Whether you want to build an entire sauna inside your home, or simply turn an average shower into an extraordinary therapeutic experience, Steamist is dedicated to helping you make it happen.

Health Benefits Of Steam

Research has shown that spending time soaking in hot steam offers a multitude of health benefits. From improved circulation to softer, healthier skin, spending just a few minutes in a Steamist steam bath every day can improve your overall health, helping you relax, de-stress, and even aiding in your body's natural detoxification process. In fact, steam bathing is one of the best, most under-utilized methods of improving your health, despite the fact that it takes only minutes a day.

Additional Therapies

Steamist's steam bath setups don't just improve your health with steam, though. You can also add on aromatherapy, chromatherapy, and audiotherapy options. Aromatherapy adds a small amount of essential oil to your steam bath, lacing it with one of their five scents that can help relax, energize, or restore your body or respiratory system, adding another layer of health benefit to your steam bath. Chromatherapy involves the inclusion of lights that produce a variety of mood-improving colors that have also been scientifically proven to variously relax and energize the body. Audiotherapy, quite simply, allows you to integrate an audio system into your steam bath, giving you everything you need to listen to your favorite music (including an iPod dock!) while you unwind.

Customizable Controls

Though all of Steamist's steam baths are based around similar steam generators, each one can be easily customized to the specific needs of the person using it. With innovative, waterproof touch controls, you can easily adjust the temperature and amount of steam being produced, as well as controlling any light, sound, or aromatherapy options integrated into your own system. You can even save two unique user settings to have your steam bath exactly the way you want it as soon as you're ready to use it.

Home Saunas

If you prefer the "dry heat" of Nordic style saunas to Steamist's typical "wet heat" steam baths, they also offer a wide selection of traditional hot rock sauna heaters that can be installed in new construction or renovation. For the more adventurous, they even have pre-cut sauna kits, which include everything you need to build your own wood sauna room, complete with heater, benches and a fully insulated wood construction.