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Wyndham Collection Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Furniture

Wyndham Collection Bathroom Vanities

The Wyndham Collection is a line of bathroom vanities designed with three core philosophies in mind: quality, durability, and sustainability. With double the industry standard warranty on their entire line of products and a whole slew of innovative, environmentally friendly designs throughout the collection, Wyndham stands out in a crowded market as being genuinely progressive.


When it comes to hardwood, the bathroom is one of the most inhospitable places in the entire home. Constantly fluctuating heat and humidity can cause wood to warp and even decay, but Wyndham's entire collection is designed specifically to withstand even the steamiest of bathrooms, and still have the same beautiful look as the day you bought it even decades down the road.

Green Bathroom Vanities by Wyndham Collection

"Green" Bathroom Vanities

Wyndham Collection vanities are constructed from environmentally friendly, zero emissions, solid 3/4 inch hardwood Oak that undergoes 8-12 stages of preparation, sanding, staining or painting, and hand finishing to create an incredibly durable and warp-resistant final product perfectly suited for the heat and humidity fluctuations of a bathroom. They use natural stains and paints wherever possible, and all-natural veneers (though a good portion of the collection is 100% solid wood). Even their adhesives are made of natural derivatives rather than traditional epoxies in order to prevent outgassing, which releases toxic fumes into the air. Wyndham's earth first manufacturing practices make their products amazingly environmentally friendly (and contribute to green home tax deductions!), and the fact that they own the factories where their products are made ensures the highest level of quality at all stages of manufacture.

Wyndham Collection Style

Wyndham's vanities come in a range of timeless contemporary designs, from sleek, modern wall mounted vanities to heftier, more classically styled ones with beautifully carved detailing. Each one comes with your choice of glass, porcelain, granite, or marble countertops and vessel sinks custom cut and fitted to your vanity, for a sturdy, elegant finishing touch. Together, they make a beautiful, timeless vanity that should last you a lifetime. Whatever your particular tastes or space requirements, there's sure to be a vanity sized and styled for your particular needs. And no matter what you choose, you can feel good about it - the entire Wyndham Collection is held to the same rigorous quality and environmental standards.

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