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Uttermost Home Decor Elements: Wall Art, Accent Furniture, Botanicals, Lighting and more.

Uttermost is a family owned business that began as a small furniture company 36 years ago, and has since become an internationally renowned provider of fine home décor. From furnishings to design elements to all the little details that turn a house into a beautiful home, Uttermost works with a team of designers and manufacturers to offer one of the most comprehensive décor lines in the world. And because, in many cases, Uttermost owns the facilities where their products are manufactured, they can ensure the highest quality at all stages of production. Constantly expanding to offer new, fashion forward, designer quality home accessories at the most affordable prices, Uttermost seeks to make fine design more widely available to homes all around the world.

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Accent Furniture by Uttermost

From antique reproductions to sleek retro chic, Uttermost´s accent tables and chairs come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, but are always eye-catching. Whether you opt for a stylish modern chaise lounge or Louis IV nesting tables, their entire line offers both form and function. From comfy leather wing chairs to elegant coffee tables, this line offers a wide variety of furnishings to fit just about any taste - whether you want a single conversation starter or to decorate a whole room in similar styles.

Uttermost Mirror

Uttermost Mirrors

With lavish, regal frames and a little modern funk, Uttermost´s mirrors are no mere looking glasses. Designed with style in mind, these mirrors are bold and beautiful, and many of them could be considered works of art in their own right. From antique inspired shaped, framed mirrors to ultra modern mosaic style mirrors, Uttermost offers a huge selection of utterly unique mirror designs made with beveled glass to help reflect light, brighten your room, and increase your visual space - and look good while doing it!

Uttermost Wall Decor

Alternative Wall Decor by Uttermost

Not art but artwork, Uttermost´s alternative wall decor will appeal to more tactile homeowners. Utilizing shape and texture more than color, these wall sculptures offer design in three dimensions, using weathered wood, cast brass, aged copper, forged iron, and other natural materials to add a little unexpected pop of depth to your room.

Uttermost Art

From abstract modern pieces to classical oil reproductions and even a few homey food prints, Uttermost offers over 400 unique pieces of art in a huge variety of styles to bring out the best in just about any room in your home. Whether you prefer architectural sketches or decadent florals, Tuscan vistas or something a little more cubist, they´re sure to have a high quality piece to meet your needs.

Uttermost Clock 06788


Uttermost has a full line of designer wall and table clocks - little accent pieces and finishing touches for your living area. But the real stars of their line are those from the recently acquired Timeworks collection - 100% hand-crafted, historically accurate wall and table clocks made of the highest quality materials, including quartz movements to ensure accuracy and longevity in each and every one of their timepieces. Each clock is made by hand, using solid hand-antiqued brass, die-cut, time-worn steel, and finished birch and walnut frames, making them perfectly authentic modern antiques to give your home a touch of old world charm.

Uttermost Accent Lamps

Accent Lamps

As much form as function - if not moreso - Uttermost´s exclusive table and stand lamps are more than simple light fixtures. Designed with intricate bases and beautiful shades in almost a thousand different styles, each one looks one of a kind is made to make a statement, whether you want an elegant natural stone base or a playful, modern metal design or just about anything in between.

Lighting Fixtures by Uttermost

Uttermost realizes that lighting is one of the most important elements of good design and offers a huge variety of designer light fixtures. From full blown chandeliers to pendant lights, flush mounts to wall sconces, they have not only every kind of light, but also just about any design you could dream up, from classic teardrop crystals to more retro and modern chick. But the best part is that, because they have a dedicated design team, many of the designs are coordinated across different types of lights, making it easy to match your lighting while adequately illuminating the rest of your décor.

Uttermost Topiary 60094 - Botanicals

Botanicals by Uttermost

Plants and flowers an add a beautiful touch of color and nature to any room, brightening and enlivening it. But if you don´t have a green thumb, or you dislike the expense of trying to maintain cut flowers year round, it might be time to go faux. Uttermost offers a brilliant collection of lovely, natural looking silk flower arrangements and shaped topiaries to freshen your décor or add just a touch of whimsy.

Uttermost Accessories

If you have an empty spot in your room design - you know, one of those spaces that just needs something, Uttermost offers a diverse selection of bits and bobs to help turn an empty space into something elegant. From minute statuary and decorative canisters to candleholders, book-ends, and photo frames, their collection has hundreds of items that are sometimes useful, sometimes not, frequently attention grabbing, and always beautiful. Whether it ends up being a glass bottle or a teak wood bowl, they´re bound to have just that something to complete your design.

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