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Silkroad Exclusive Bathroom Vanities

Silkroad Exclusive Bathroom Vanities

Silkroad Exclusive is a California-based manufacturer of luxury bathroom furniture dedicated to offering the highest quality bathroom vanities at always affordable prices. Running the gamut from petite 12” pedestal vanities to sprawling 95" antique style vanities, Silkroad has one of the most extensive selections on the market. Many of their vanities are modular in nature without being utilitarian, providing not only their designer style, but also the flexibility to install it in just about any bathroom.

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Silkroad 84 inch Modular Bathroom Vanity hyp-0723-tl-84

Flexibility Of A Modular Vanity

It can often be hard to find just the right vanity in the right style and in a size that your bathroom can accommodate. In many cases, especially with unusually sized or shaped bathrooms, it can come down to a simple choice: get an ill-fitting pre-fab vanity, or pay a premium to have cabinets custom fitted, but probably without any of the style or flair you'd find in a designer piece. Silkroad Exclusive seeks to eliminate this problem with vanities that are sold as-is, but that are available in flexible, modular sets. If they have a 36" vanity that you love, Silkroad makes it easy to connect a second vanity and a storage space to seamlessly create a double vanity in exactly the size, shape, and style you want.

Silkroad 92 inch Modular Bathroom Vanity hyp-0218-92

Silkroad Exclusive Style

Silkroad Exclusive offers a huge variety of styles and finishes across their bathroom vanity line, from simple, minimal wall mount vanities to gorgeously hand carved antique style fixtures. Their specialty, though, lies in filling larger spaces. While it can be difficult to find beautiful, ornate vanities large enough for a big master bathroom, Silkroad's pieces have all the style you'd expect from a high end vanity in lengths up to just under eight feet. The best part? Their vanities come in pieces that will fit easily through your door and assemble as easily as pushing two tables together. As well, the open-backed construction make positioning easy – you'll never have to struggle to accommodate your existing plumbing. And like any luxury manufacturer, Silkroad's vanities are available in a wide variety of finishes, from antique parchment white paint to natural cherry or maple finishes to more modern espresso coloring. No matter the size or style of your bathroom, Silkroad is sure to have a bathroom vanity to suit your needs.

Real Stone Vessel Sinks And Countertops

Silkroad Exclusive seeks to find the perfect balance of affordability, convenience, and luxury in all of the products they sell. Nowhere is this more evident than in their counter tops and vessel sinks. All of Silkroad's vanities come with built in natural stone countertops and vessel sinks in your choice of materials: cream marfil (a type of marble), travertine, granite, or onyx. Purchasing a vanity this way – with the counter and sink included - can make the beauty of natural stone much more affordable and much, much more convenient. Each piece comes pre-drilled to accommodate the matching sink as well as the necessary plumbing, and you´ll never have to pay for the headache of someone to custom cut a slab countertop - or to have someone install it. You'll just need to seal the stone before you use it.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Vanity Construction

Silkroad Exclusive is committed to the environment and the health of their customers. That's why they use only CARB (California Air Resources Board) Ph2 bathroom certified plywood and MDF (Medium density fiberboard), which limits or eliminates the use of cancer-causing formaldehyde that's typically present in furniture manufacturing. This prevents harmful chemicals from contaminating the air in your home over time and can keep your family breathing clean. As well, the use of plywood and MDF itself is better for the environment, as it significantly reduces the waste of wood without lowering the quality of your bathroom furniture.

Silkroad 48 inch Bathroom Vanity  hyp-0151-48

Silkroad Exclusive Quality

While some may associate the use of pressed wood like plywood and MDF with inexpensive "throw away" furniture, all of Silkroad Exclusive's bathroom vanities are made with solid wood structures to ensure the highest quality and longevity as well as affordability and eco-friendliness. You can count on their construction; their vanities come equipped with durable, soft-close doors and drawers designed to last. As well, each and every one of their bathroom vanities is hand-finished for beautiful, luxurious wood appearance, and are paired with real stone vanity tops and vessel sinks for a designer quality you can see and feel without a solid hardwood price tag.

Silkroad Exclusive Hand Finished Bathroom Vanities

All of Silkroad Exclusive´s bathroom vanities are hand finished. From the smallest pedestal sinks to their huge modular double vanities, each one undergoes a special multi-stage processes to give the vanity a beautiful, lustrous color. Then, many of their vanities are finished with intricate hand carved detailing, from subtle accents to all-over antique style decorations. Some of the vanities are even hand painted for the finest artisan detail on every piece they sell.

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