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Sofas and loveseats are something that can really bring a room together. Their look and feel portray a lot to your guests. From contemporary to modern designs, you can find a style that will compliment the room just right. Sofa beds are great for having guests over and staying the night. Sectional sofas are great for gathering a group of people around and having a good time or just a few people lounging around. They all come in different colors, sizes, and styles. It all depends on the look and feel that you are trying to convey in the room. Whatever that mood is, there is a sofa to fit that criteria.

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color-based rooms are trending Blue makes me think of relaxation, bright skies, and calm waves A decision you need to make is what degree of vibrancy, argument for bright blues versus subtle blues Light blue dark blue blue's complementary color is orange, sepia lighting
If you take a glance through design websites and catalogues this year, you are sure to notice the encroaching threat of the tide. Or the tide’s colors, at least. Light blues, sea greens, and turquoises are all immensely trendy colors this season, which I discovered shortly after beginning my investigation into

Clinching Contemporary: Open Up Your Space with Lines, Movement, and Color

The word 'contemporary' refers to the here and now, the current era, or to things existing alongside each other. In interior design, however, it refers to a specific set of decor trends and ideals, focusing on space, clean lines, and neutral colors. Not to be confused with 'modern' decor, which typically refers to styles from the mid twentieth century focused on themes of industrialization (like a...
Not every apartment, condo, house, or home you live in is going to be perfect. You might not have as much space as you'd like to start with, and that's before you put furniture in the rooms. But just because you have a small bedroom doesn't mean you have to abandon your big design ideas. Here are four ways to make your space feel less c...
White can be a difficult color to pull off. It takes creativity and finesse to make white walls or cabinetry fresh and bright rather than blank, and while white furniture can make a space look breezy and tropical or sophisticated and modern, white fabric can be very hard to keep clean. Still, with a little care and attention, white sofas or sectionals in particular can make a bold, beautiful state...
I love decorating modern living spaces. There's something unique about them - part sophisticated, part minimal, and just a little bit playful - that makes modern spaces really fun to work with. Plus, much of modern furniture design throws convention out the window, which often gives you much more room to get creative with your furnishings. Modern living room furniture - especially