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Coffee Tables ideas and shopping tips

Though almost all living rooms have one, coffee tables aren't often used as a visual focal point. On the one hand, this is a very strange thing, since coffee tables occupy primo real estate: they're placed literally right in the center of the room. At the same time, though, coffee tables fall firmly in the realm of practical furnishings - they're used for setting down drinks and food, displaying m...
First appearing in its current form during the mid-nineteenth century, the coffee table is nowadays nearly as indispensable to a sitting room as a sofa. Whether or not you actually plan to use yours to hold coffee isn't important--they are trendy, all-purpose surfaces to build a room around. The coffee table is one of the most basic pieces to a living room aesthetic (by Park and Oak Design) ...
Most of the furniture you buy for a living room, you buy for the long-term. Big ticket items like your sofa set and seating, and workhorses like your TV stand or bookshelves serve two functions: to get the job done, and to look neutral enough that they won't make your living space feel dated a few years down the road. The real decorating comes when you fill in the gaps, and if you ask me, there's ...
It's no secret that I love multi-functional furniture. From sleeper sofas to storage beds and everything in between, my small-space-loving heart soars when I find a great piece of furniture that really earns its keep. Nesting tables, ladder chairs, garden stools - you name it, if it does more than one thing well, I love it. Some of my personal favorites, though, are actually coffee tables. Why? Be...
Furniture with clawed feet, where the bottom of a table's legs taper out into a round, claw-like shape was a style popularized in the 1700's. There are many variations clawed feet can have, and it's a style that has aged well and is sure to remain a timeless piece in your home. For this reason, here are five coffee tables in the clawed foot style that are sure to look great in any modern-day livin...