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In an era where big name celebrity designers (and big name celebrity price tags) are becoming the norm even in chain stores, it can be all too easy to blow your budget on a name or logo. But having a well designed, beautifully decorated home doesn't have to break the bank - you just have to be able to see through the hype, and know what names are worth paying for. If you're looking for really high...
Let's get really basic for a second here. Color is one of the first things most of us consider when picking out, well, anything. We might find the perfect pair of shoes or style of jeans, but if they are in an ugly or unpleasant color, we pass them over. And even if they are a color we like, colors clash, or wash us out, or just aren't suited to the situation (bright magenta dress for a f...
Having actual flowers isn't for everyone. You may have terrible allergies to pollen, no land to garden, or--like me--absolutely lack a green thumb and destroy even the hardiest cactus. In the spring and summer when everything blooms and flourishes, it can be a real letdown if you can't bring actual nature inside your home and keep it alive. Thanks to the inventiveness of humanity though, you can h...
After living through the past few weeks of blizzards and cold fronts, it may be hard to believe in spring, but it's real, it's coming, and in only another month or so it will be here. Along with the warm weather comes a fresh perspective and and fresh energy, and if you're looking to put that energy into updating the look of your home or apartment, search no further than the contemporary flair of ...
Adding an accent wall is one trend that's gone in and out of vogue a lot over the last couple decades. For a while there at the beginning of the 2000's they were even considered taboo - soooo 1990's/80's/70's! But personally I couldn't be happier to see them making a comeback. Accent walls are a great way to add color and personality to your space. It's important to remember, though, that not ever...