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Everyone has something they love - like a favorite animal, beloved hobby, or cherished pastime. But there's a pretty stark divide between something you really like a lot, and something you want to decorate a whole room with. Sure, nautical, animal, or sport-themed rooms are all pretty common (among others), but if you want to show off your interests without dedicating a whole room to the look, a g...
I remember when I was growing up my grandparents had a set of nesting tables. I loved them in the way that kids do because the smallest one was just the right size for me. But even though I've since grown out of hosting tea parties for teddy bears on teeny tiny tables, they remain among my favorite type of

Must-Haves For Keeping Your Entryway Or Mudroom Organized

It's hard to keep a home clean, as anyone who has to find a way to do it knows. But as difficult and oftentimes unrewarding as cleaning can be, it isn't impossible, and as with so many things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Practically speaking, that means targeting problem areas and furnishing them intelligently to prevent messes from accumulating in the first place. One of the ...
Everyone likes to have friends over once in a while - even people who aren't every-weekend entertainers. But entertaining guests gets a lot more complicated the less space you have; if you don't have a formal dining room, a big open kitchen, or even much space at all beyond your ordinary living areas, there isn't exactly space to install a home bar, game room, or extensive home theater. But that d...
Entryways are one of the oddest rooms in the home. They're the first things guests see and set the tone for the house as a whole, but are often made of little leftover patches of space carved out or crammed in between the main rooms. That can make for some pretty unusual layouts, and a space that isn't exactly easy to decorate. Console tables are one of my favorite solutions to these problematic s...
Over the past few years, Chinese garden stools have started to become a common sight in American decor. These petite, decorative ceramic pieces have been used in China for more than a thousand years, and are both beautiful and extremely versatile. With highly detailed designs and vivid, colorful glazes, these stools are eye catching and elegant, and are just the right shape to be used in a variety...
Corners are always among the most difficult spots to decorate and, in my experience, ones that lend themselves all too well to inelegant solutions. You can't comfortably hang art in a corner, most furniture doesn't fit comfortably in a corner, and corner windows are more of an architectural feat than a go-to solution. Comparatively, it's pretty easy to plunk down a
When it comes to entertaining, wine is one of the most traditional drinks there is. Since ancient times, sharing a glass of wine has been a sign of friendship and camaraderie. So when you have a few friends over, it's never a bad idea to have a bottle on hand. But how and how often you entertain, as well as the size of your personal collection a make a big difference in the size and type of wine s...
Cottage style bathrooms are traditionally pretty cozy spaces - simple, casual, and often a little bit on the small side - reminiscent of the cottage style homes where they were first and most commonly found. But cottage style bathrooms have been getting a more glamorous, sophisticated treatment in recent years. With just a little dressing up, this iconic style can take on a very chic, classy appea...
Console tables are a practical addition for a home's entryway. Not only do they provide much-needed surface space in a high-traffic area, but they can also make what can be a very awkward space feel more inviting and help your home make a good first impression. But many models are more decorative than practical, and often are designed for spaces that are either large, traditional, or both. Floatin...