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I'm a strong believer that lighting should always always do double duty in your home. Light is a necessity, but filling your home with no-nonsense, forgettable task lighting is doing your dec0r a real disservice. While some generic, bargain bin table lamps or

Make A Statement With Funky Modern Table Lamps

I'm a big believer that lighting should always do more than one thing. Sure, the most important job of any lighting fixture is to produce light, but if it doesn't look good doing it, I don't think it deserves a place in your home design. Anything from a permanent ceiling fixture to a simple table lamp should be given every bit as much thought as the rest of your decor, but other than the entryway ...
I love light - natural and artificial, bright light, low light, mood light, accent light - whatever. In fact, the only thing I like better than a well lit room is one that's lit well with lighting fixtures that look good, too.  With a trend toward built in (especially recessed) lighting,  living spaces are getting more and better lighting (which is a good thing), but the fixtures that provide that...
The line between indoor and outdoor spaces has been blurring for a while now, first with the advent of outdoor kitchens and now with the rising popularity of multi-season indoor/outdoor rooms, covered or partially enclosed patios, and folding glass walls that effectively let you join your living room and patio. But that doesn't just mean people are spending more time outside - it also means that i...
Almost everyone has some kind of lamp sitting on their night stand. It's a bare-bones, basic kind of bedside lighting that gets the job done, and usually isn't too expensive to set up. But while table lamps are the go-to for getting a little light next to your bed, they're far from the only option out there. If you want to get creative with your bedroom

Arc Lamps: A Cool Modern Twist On The Traditional Floor Lamp

I've never been a big fan of floor lamps. I mean, I understand the utility - every room needs light and not every room has it built in. A floor lamp bridges the gap without taking up any surface space, all while staying more or less out of the way. But as with your run of the mill table lamp, there are a tho...
Haven't you heard? Small is big this year, and getting bigger. With the blooming popularity of micro-homes and studio apartments, many people are beginning to think on a smaller scale square-footage wise. Limiting the space you take up is great: it saves you money, consumes less resources, and can generally make you more mindful and organized. And downsizing does not at all have to be a downgrade....
You may think themed bedrooms are for kids, and that we all grow out of having them with time, whether we like it or not. This shouldn't be the case at all, because you can make a themed bedroom for adults and have it still feel classy and mature. Isn't basing a room around just a solid color starting to get dull? Nautical themed bedro...
We just got our first robin of the season here, and if there's any better sign that spring is here, I don't know what it is. In fact, birds of all stripes (feathers?) are one of the most iconic parts of spring, ranking right up there with fresh blooming flowers. So if you're getting ready to do some major spring decorating, a few nods to the birds can give your space a wonderful, fresh, springy fe...
Desire a change from an everyday bathroom? Here are some suggestions to turn a bland, no-fun bathroom to a trendy beach style one! Depending on how much you want to commit to this trendy look, you can add just a couple pieces or completely redecorate your space. I love adding ...