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The chandelier is often regarded as the royalty amongst lighting fixtures. Often large, luxurious, and purposefully extravagant, the chandelier makes any home feel more like a castle. But modern chandelier designs are not only branching out from more traditional, crystal chandeliers, they are also becoming more affordable. So whether you’re shopping for a crystal laden chandelier to impress guests in the foyer, or a small, playful chandelier for a kid’s room, there are tons of options for tons of styles and budgets.

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"Chandelier" has come to mean a lot of things over the years. As the needs of homeowners change, they've become smaller, more contemporary, and taken on a lot of different designs. But sometimes a chandelier should just be a chandelier - big, beautiful, draped with crystals and in true r...
Chandeliers are typically associated with antique styles and old world design. You know the kind - big, imposing, crystal-laden chandeliers made to dominate large parlors or grand staircases and are more about look than lighting. But if your living space is a little more modern, never fear. Modern chandelier...
When you hear the word "chandelier," you probably think of a huge fixture dripping crystals, with lots of little flame shaped lights - something you'd find in a ballroom or a fancy hotel. But not all chandeliers are quite so formal. In fact, I personally think that casual, rustic chandeliers are highly underrated. While formal

Home Office Chandeliers - Designer Fixtures For Your Workspace

Lighting is rarely a top priority when designing a home office. After all, there's a long list of expenses and considerations that have to come first, from furniture to electronics to simple connectivity. But good lighting is one of the few ways that you can make a home office feel more like home than the office. Instead of flat, generic overhead lights (like recessed lighting or, worse, the fl...

I love lighting. I love rooms that get lots of natural light, rooms that are well lit, and lighting fixtures that flatter the spaces they're in. I also love it when designers take a hop and a step out of the norm to try something fresh and new. Chandeliers are lovely and iconic, sure - but I think there's plenty of room to improve and innovate. That's why I'm a huge fan of the hanging lighting fix...
The chandelier is a mainstay of classic decor, harkening back to the homes of  wealthy nobility in Medieval times, and gaining broader popularity on and into the Romantic period. With remarkable staying power, they have persisted as a decorative form of lighting throughout various sources of power. Candles, gas lights, and electricity have all graced these elegant contraptions. Originally designed...
At its core, Parisian chic design is an homage to the fashion and luxury - past and present - of the City of Light, and a way to bring a little slice of it into your home. It's one part modern, one part antique, and all about luxury and style. As with any theme, Parisian chic design is best done on a smaller scale (say, a single room) to keep it simple, keep it subtle, and to keep it from overwhel...
I think many of us tend to take lighting fixtures for granted. After all, I'm willing to bet that - with maybe a few exceptions - most of the lighting fixtures in your home aren't terribly remarkable, and are maybe even a little bit boring. But I'm a big believer that the right lighting fixture can really make a room, and so much better if the design is a hop and a step outside the norm. I think t...
Having the right lighting in your kitchen is incredibly important. Especially in a larger kitchen, or one where you do a lot of entertaining, just your standard bank of fluorescent lights probably isn't going to cut it. Good

Dressing Up A Cottage Style Bathroom

Cottage style bathrooms are traditionally pretty cozy spaces - simple, casual, and often a little bit on the small side - reminiscent of the cottage style homes where they were first and most commonly found. But cottage style bathrooms have been getting a more glamorous, sophisticated treatment in recent years. With just a little dressing up, this iconic style can take on a very chic, classy appea...