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Bathroom lighting is an integral part of a bathroom. The lighting and fixtures you use could enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. Many people over look its importance and focus on the tubs or vanity, but how would you see those without lighting?

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More than almost any other room in the home, bathroom lighting has a tendency to go wrong. On the surface, it seems simple - just mount a three-light fixture to the wall above your vanity and call it a day, right? But the most ubiquitous bathroom lights are also the exact kinds that set you up ...
Here on the Homethangs blog, we spend a lot of time talking how to update the look of your bathroom - how to build a dream bathroom that you'll love. But renovation and remodeling aren't just about style. In fact, an important consideration in any bathroom update is the impact any work you do will have on the overall value of your home, and how it compares with the expense you put into it...
Seasons come and go and design trends change right along with them. So even if you're in the habit of updating your home regularly, last year's words of wisdom usually don't still apply. And if it's been even longer since you've updated your bathroom, it can be even harder to figure out what's hot and what's not. As we chug along towards the new year, I wanted to give you a quick cheat sheet for 2...
Getting ready to sell a house is more of an art than a science. Before your house goes on the market, you want to make it look as up to date and desirable as possible, but you also want to be wary of putting too much time and money into improving a space you won't be living in much longer. Trying to figure out where to spend and what projects to skip can be especially difficult, as different featu...
It's easy to dream about your next bathroom remodel. From design blogs and decorating shows to product catalogs and Pinterest, chances are if you're thinking about starting a major renovation project, you probably already have a look in mind. But especially when you're shopping online, it can be a little difficult to visualize how something is going to look once it's actually in your space. So tod...
Last week I talked a little about the basics of French country bathroom design - all the elements that go into making a bathroom that's historical, sophisticated, and comfortable. But for a design that's so heavily based on tradition and cultural n...
Decorating a very small bathroom can be an exercise in frustration. There's rarely room for anything but the basics, and it's easy to expend all your creative energy just trying to find a place for all the necessary parts. That combined with a lack of natural light means that small bathrooms are a somewhat grim canvas for a remodel. But small bathrooms don't have to be boring, drab, or dark - you ...
If you have a slightly too-small bathroom, you probably know all too well what a struggle it can be to keep your space both tidy and usable. When there isn't much storage space to go around, entropy starts to take over and your already cramped bathroom can get really cluttered really fast. If you don't have much floor or wall space to spare for supplemental storage, this can feel like a losing bat...
As innocuous as they are nowadays, mirrors have long been a source of fascination. From halls of mirrors to reflecting pools, looking glasses that lead us to strange worlds of whimsical opposites, mirrors are everywhere. Maybe it's the magic they make with light or their power to throw our own images back at us, but mirrors are inextricably ...
French country bathroom design has become one of the most popular styles for a luxury bathroom remodel. But it can be a little difficult to pin down what exactly French country design is. After all, it's based on hundreds of years of design and cul...