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The bathroom vanity is often the center piece of any bathroom so as you embark upon your bathroom remodel, consider carefully the vanity that you pick out for your bathroom. A perfect bathroom vanity will sit at the intersection of functionality and style, lending the necessary space you need for your bathroom fixtures and space for supplies while complementing the design you’ve established in your bathroom without overpowering it or disturbing it. Keep in mind, also, who will use the vanity – do you need a his-and-hers vanity, a kid-friendly design, a granite top vanity for a high-traffic bathroom, or perhaps a modern glass vanity for a guest room? Also, evaluate carefully the dimensions of available space in the bathroom – choosing something that fits comfortably and elegantly in your bathroom will surely make for a better morning experience than picking a vanity that dazzles but seems out of place in an otherwise simple space.

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Traditionally double bathroom vanities are only an option for larger bathrooms. At a minimum, most models clock in at a hefty 60" wide, which is about - you guessed it - twice as wide as your average single vanity, and they can easily span twice that width. But while big double bathroom vanities are great for fleshing out a large

2013 Bathroom Trends - Top Ten Bathroom Updates For The New Year

Seasons come and go and design trends change right along with them. So even if you're in the habit of updating your home regularly, last year's words of wisdom usually don't still apply. And if it's been even longer since you've updated your bathroom, it can be even harder to figure out what's hot and what's not. As we chug along towards the new year, I wanted to give you a quick cheat sheet for 2...
At a first glance, modern bathroom vanities might look rather simple - even more than a little bit similar. But despite sharing a similar aesthetic, modern bathroom vanities actually offer a surprisingly diverse array of features.  From innovative and customizable designs to small details that stand out against a stark, minimalist aesthetic, modern bathroom vanities are more diverse than you ...
There are two schools of thought when it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity. First is the belief that they should be more like kitchen cabinets - built in and designed primarily for utility. On the other end of the spectrum are those who believe that bathroom vanities offer a somewhat rare opportunity to personalize and dress up a space that's frequently composed of fairly generic elements. For t...
One of the biggest problems with modern bathroom vanities - and, really, modern bathroom design as a whole - is that the minimal design and industrial palette tend to err a little on the side of stark, cold, and even sterile. That said, if you give your bathroom design a creative eye, it's more than possible to create a modern decor that's

Tiny Bathroom Vanities Take Two:More Solutions For Your Small Bathroom

I've written about very small bathroom vanities before, but I feel like it's a topic worth revisiting. For most bathroom vanities "small" means either 36" or 30" wide, but anyone with a genuinely small bathroom knows tha...
In a time where manufacturers are capable of resurrecting any furniture design from almost any point in history, it isn't much surprise that some older styles are making a comeback. At the forefront in bathroom and kitchen...
If you've ever dreamed of having your very own Victorian style dressing table but don't exactly have the space to pull it off, it's not too hard to craft a bathroom with the same look and feel. Dainty white bathroom vanities, especially those with a little Victorian influence, can often take the part of dres...
Transitional bathroom vanities are a sort of bridge between traditional and contemporary bathroom design. As our culture becomes less formal, antique inspired furniture has begun to feel overly opulent, but we haven't quite lost our love of old fashioned elegance. Compromising between the two usually means simplifying and streamlining antique designs, but lately a different option has started gain...
Contemporary bathrooms emphasize clean, simple lines and open, uncluttered spaces. The first one is more or less easy to attain - after all, it's sort of built into the furnishing. But keeping clutter at bay in any room of the home - especially one as frequently used as the bathroom - isn't quite so easy. It's why choosing the right bathroom vanities is so important - and why, even with the best l...