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The bathroom vanity is often the center piece of any bathroom so as you embark upon your bathroom remodel, consider carefully the vanity that you pick out for your bathroom. A perfect bathroom vanity will sit at the intersection of functionality and style, lending the necessary space you need for your bathroom fixtures and space for supplies while complementing the design you’ve established in your bathroom without overpowering it or disturbing it. Keep in mind, also, who will use the vanity – do you need a his-and-hers vanity, a kid-friendly design, a granite top vanity for a high-traffic bathroom, or perhaps a modern glass vanity for a guest room? Also, evaluate carefully the dimensions of available space in the bathroom – choosing something that fits comfortably and elegantly in your bathroom will surely make for a better morning experience than picking a vanity that dazzles but seems out of place in an otherwise simple space.

Bathroom Vanities ideas and shopping tips

Trying to find the perfect bathroom vanity can be a little daunting. If you shop in store, you're limited to the selection (and pricing) found in that particular store or a handful in your area. Shopping online opens up more options - both in terms of style and price - but can come with its own perils and frustrations, like finding the perfect style that's not quite the right size, or, worse, find...
Arriving nicely dressed to work every single day might be the key to success, but appearing well groomed is easier for some than others. It depends on a person's type of hair, whether or not he has tattoos, or has a talent for ironing or suffers any chronic acne. Life can be cruel. The bathroom vanity was aptly named such because it is a place in the home where we focus all our attention on ou...
In a time where manufacturers are capable of resurrecting any furniture design from almost any point in history, it isn't much surprise that some older styles are making a comeback. At the forefront in bathroom and kitchen cabinetry is a revival of the Shaker style. Shaker bathroom vanities in particular are finding a new home in warm, casual contemporary bathrooms, with their elegant combination ...
White is one of the most popular colors for both pre-made and custom bathroom vanities, and for good reason. Not only is white a bright, clean, classic color that can help make your bathroom feel wider and more open, but it's one that works well with a variety of different bathroom styles, from vintage cottage style all the way up to ultra modern. It's also a color that's much more versatile than ...
As we turn our calendars over, it's time for a fresh start for 2018 for both you and your living quarters. Replacing heavy furniture and hardware can take time and construction, but it'll improve your day-to-day life if you think ahead and make sure you're making optimal replacements. A great area to start is in the bathroom, as you use it several times a day. Take a long look at your current bath...
Major bathroom remodels are never cheap, and redoing a big bathroom is even more expensive. But if you find yourself on a tight budget, you don't necessarily have to sacrifice quality, or even the scope of your project, to get the job done. For anything you might want to buy, chances are there's a whole range of similar items in different price ranges. This is especially true of bathroom vanities,...
Modern bathroom design is all about beauty in simplicity - a fairly monochromatic palette, minimalist lines, and geometric shapes. That said, there are a few great ways to break the "rules" and make your modern bathroom design really stand out. In a modern bathroom, you expect all smooth, unbroken lines, so when you add something with a little more color - like a signature vessel sink - it immedia...
One of the biggest problems with modern bathroom vanities - and, really, modern bathroom design as a whole - is that the minimal design and industrial palette tend to err a little on the side of stark, cold, and even sterile. That said, if you give your bathroom design a creative eye, it's more than possible to create a modern decor that's warm and inviting rather than a little alien. The best, mo...
If you've ever dreamed of having your very own Victorian style dressing table but don't exactly have the space to pull it off, it's not too hard to craft a bathroom with the same look and feel. Dainty white bathroom vanities, especially those with a little Victorian influence, can often take the part of dressing vanities. That way, you get all the style of a decadent bathroom and private dressing ...
Finding a way to make a small bathroom livable is one of the biggest design challenges homeowners will face. Unlike many other rooms, in a small bathroom there isn't a whole lot of room to skimp on furniture or fixtures. To make a small bathroom work, you really need to know exactly where to pare down and how to do it intelligently. You see, one of the most obvious ways to save space is to get a s...