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You'd be hard pressed to find a bathroom that doesn't have a mirror in it, but having a bathroom mirror that's attractive, big enough to help you assess your outfit, and functional to boot? That's a little harder. Even if you have a pretty good medicine cabinet, chances are you can do better. So if you find yourself wishing you had more than a standard vanity mirror over your sink, you might want ...
If you have a slightly too-small bathroom, you probably know all too well what a struggle it can be to keep your space both tidy and usable. When there isn't much storage space to go around, entropy starts to take over and your already cramped bathroom can get really cluttered really fast. If you don't have much floor or wall space to spare for supplemental storage, this can feel like a losing bat...
At its core, Parisian chic design is an homage to the fashion and luxury - past and present - of the City of Light, and a way to bring a little slice of it into your home. It's one part modern, one part antique, and all about luxury and style. As with any theme, Parisian chic design is best done on a smaller scale (say, a single room) to keep it simple, keep it subtle, and to keep it from overwhel...
Bathroom remodels can be a big headache from start to finish.  Ripping out tile, redoing plumbing, and totally re-envisioning your space is stressful, messy, time consuming, and almost always expensive. But fortunately there are lots of ways to make the job simpler and more straightforward. One of the best ways to simplify your bathroom remodel is to shop for bathroom vanity sets rather than just ...
Bathroom vanities come in all sizes, shapes, and styles, but some features are much more difficult to find than others. Solid wood bathroom vanities, for example, have become increasingly rare as use of particleboard and MDF has become more common. Unfinished bathroom vanities are all but unheard of, and are only really available from select high end manufacturers. But if you're looking for an hei...
Many people like the idea of having an antique inspired bathroom, with period-style furnishings and fixtures to create an air of decadence and luxury. And that's easy and easier to do - vaguely antique-inspired bathroom vanities are a dime a dozen, and so are clawfoot freestandi...
Ornate antique white bathroom vanities are one of the most popular styles of bathroom vanities out there. But while the phrase may seem simple, all the vanities in this style are by no means the identical - and I don't just mean the size and shape of the cabinet. The level of detailing, the color, a...
Do you suffer from Small Bathroom Syndrome? Do you want a bathroom vanity that matches your home's decor, but fits in a space as small as 30"? It may feel hopeless at first, but you don't have to sacrifice quality and style to have a bathroom you can fit into. Maximize your space with the most adorable tiny vanities HomeThangs has to offer to f...
Seasons come and go and design trends change right along with them. So even if you're in the habit of updating your home regularly, last year's words of wisdom usually don't still apply. And if it's been even longer since you've updated your bathroom, it can be even harder to figure out what's hot and what's not. As we chug along towards the new year, I wanted to give you a quick cheat sheet for 2...
If you've ever dreamed of having your very own Victorian style dressing table but don't exactly have the space to pull it off, it's not too hard to craft a bathroom with the same look and feel. Dainty white bathroom vanities, especially those with a little Victorian influence, can often take the part of dres...