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Hardware resources Bathroom Vanities and Kitchen Islands

Hardware Resources Bathroom Vanitires, Kitchen Islands and Decorative Hardware

Hardware Resources is a rapidly expanding company that specializes in cabinets, bathroom vanities, wood accents, and a whole range of decorative hardware for just about anything with a drawer or a pull door. These guys really know their wood, and offer a full line of beautiful hand carved and hand sanded pieces, ranging in size from drawer pulls to kitchen islands and everything in between.

Bathroom Vanities and Furniture

In a market flooded with modern, modular vanities, Hardware Resources takes a step back, opting instead for the elegance and opulence of hardwood. Each piece is embellished by hand with intricate, often botanical detailing, and both their mirrors and their vanities are cut, finished, and polished specifically to showcase the grain and burl of the wood. If you´re looking for high quality craftsmanship and intricate woodwork for your next bathroom remodel, this is definitely the line for you.

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Bathnroom Vanity by Hardware Resources

Bathroom Vanities

Hardware Resources is unique in their treatment of the bathroom vanity, with a majority of their pieces strongly resembling repurposed antique furniture rather than traditional vanities. With dresser style drawers and pulls that hearken back to older, more elegant times, these pieces can easily turn your bathroom into a comfortable, opulent dressing room. The bulk of their vanities are solid hardwood, and many of them have intricate, antique style carvings. While most of their vanities allow the natural grain of the wood to show, quite a few of them are given an antique white finish entirely by hand for a simple, distressed look that enhances the appearance of age. Their collection also includes a few budget friendly MDF pieces with black or espresso finishes, but the hardwood pieces are truly the stars.

Bathroom Mirrors

Hardware Resources´ mirrors run the gamut from simple square or oval wood framed mirrors to intricate, hand-carved frames that offer a stunning level of detail. Many of their mirrors are mated with their vanities, so the woodwork and overall aesthetic remains continuous between the separate pieces. That said, even their simple standalone mirrors boast the same level of craftsmanship and care.

Lyn Design Kitchen Island by Hardware Resources

Kitchen Islands

Wood tends to feature pretty prominently in kitchens, and while Hardwood Resources doesn´t sell cabinets directly, they´re constantly finding ways to feature and highlight beautiful, natural wood in the kitchen while expanding usable work and storage space.

Space is always at a premium in the kitchen, and while you may not be able to expand your cabinets or counters, that doesn´t mean you can´t make a little extra space elsewhere. Hardware Resource´s kitchen islands come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and finishes to fit just about any kitchen, and can add a significant amount of both counter space and storage. With huge butcher block tops and built in wine storage racks on some models, a good kitchen island can easily become a centerpiece of your kitchen, a place to gather, drink, eat, cook, and be merry without having to navigate crowded, undersized kitchen counters.

Jeffrey Alexander Door Pulls by Hardware Resources

Decorative Hardware

Sometimes it´s the littlest details that go the longest way. If you don´t have the time, funds, means, or desire to do a full remodel, you can still give your home a nice face lift by simply changing out your door knobs and drawer pulls, or adding a few little embellishments to your existing setup.

Knobs and Pulls

This is one of the places where Hardware Resources really shines. With well over a thousand different knobs and door and drawer pulls in almost a dozen different finishes, you´re sure to find something that fits your furniture, your decor, and your budget. And, really, you´ll be amazed at what a difference a knob can make - simply swapping the pulls on a vanity or set of cabinets can completely revitalize and update their look and feel.

Wood Carvings and Mouldings by Hardware Resources

Mouldings and Carvings

Hardware Resources´ decorative wood onlays, posts, feet, legs, corbels, mantels, and capitals are hand and machine carved embellishments that can be attached to just about any project - from topping off a cabinet or standing in as creative, antique-style drawer pulls - to add a little extra flair or functionality. They come in over a thousand designs, shapes, and styles, and a variety of unfinished wood, including alder, cherry, maple, oak, and rubberwood so they can be stained and finished to match your existing wood.

Hardware Resources Style

All of Hardware Resources´ collections appreciate, uplift, and highlight the natural beauty of hardwood. From the care they take hand carving and finishing each and every piece to the subtle hardware embellishments and intricate appliques, they embrace an aesthetic that´s been eroded by modular and modern style. So if you love the look and feel of wood, or long for a more classical or antique style, this is definitely the collection for you.

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