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Bathroom Vanity Sinks

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Bathroom vanity sinks come in increasingly varied shapes, designs, material choices, and of course, price ranges. So whether you already have a bathroom vanity that you want to fit with a new sink or you’re shopping for all new fixtures, get ready to browse a lot of options! Make sure, as you shop for your new bathroom vanity sink, that you keep in mind the size and shape of the opening in the vanity for drop down or undermount sinks, and consider the faucet you want to go along with the sink. Consider also the design of the space and the use this sink will get – beautifully designed vessel sinks or handcrafted copper vessels may be more appropriate for adult bathrooms than kids’, for example. Most of all, though, get the vanity sink that will make you love using your bathroom most.

Bathroom Vanity Sinks ideas and shopping tips

tion, most modern bathroom vanities tend to be fairly visually similar: lots of sharp 90 degree angles, straight lines, a boxy shape, and a dark espresso or black finish, with maybe some shiny chrome hardware. Where modern vanities show their personality, though, is in the sinks. Modern bathroom sinks are anything but ordinary, and come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and installations, giv...