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PolArt - Chic Modern Colorful Furniture

PolArt - Chic Modern Colorful Furniture

PolArt is a specialty manufacturer that creates custom, urban-chic furniture and accent pieces. Manufactured in Mexico, they fuse bright modern colors and eco-friendly materials with high antique design to create bold, modern statement furniture.

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Polart furniture

One Part Tradition

PolArt's chairs, accent tables, sofas, and ottomans are designed after iconic Victorian favorites, from ornate wingback chairs to stately grandfather clocks. Their various collections mimic a wide variety of antique styles which, individually or as a set, add glamour and sophistication to a modern space.

Polart furniture

One Part Plastic

The biggest difference between PolArt's furniture and the traditional antiques they're designed after is that all of PolArt's furniture is made of plastic polymers, particularly polyurethane. This single change results in a few key differences. Like traditional furniture, their pieces are highly detailed, but instead of requiring extensive hand carving and finishing, the eco-friendly liquid plastic is injected into a mold, so you get a piece with the same level of finished detailing, but without the labor intensity or the use of exotic hardwoods. The plastics are also hard and long-lasting, and can be easily dyed into a rainbow of colors.

Two Parts Colorful

Which is really what makes PolArt's furniture stand out. Their use of bright, bold colors turns their furniture from elegant antiques to bold modern statement pieces. From more conventionally modern black and white to eye catching fuchsia and bold primary colors, this is not furniture made to blend into the background. Each piece is available in 10 different colors, with your choice of matte or glossy, with 10 coordinating indoor and outdoor fabric materials, so you can get anything from a single, solid blue chair to an elegant black and white living room set.

Polart furniture

All Modern

Together, the antique inspiration and bold modern design elements make for a collection that's spectacularly glamorous and urban-chic, while the bright colors and finishes make for eye-catching statement pieces. The best part, though, is that the unique polyurethane construction is hardy enough for indoor or outdoor use. They even have a miniature collection designed specially for children, with the durability that little ones demand but the elegant princess styles that will bring playtime to life (and look a little nicer in your living room!).

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