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James Martin Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities

James Martin Solid Wood Bathroom Vanities

James Martin Furniture specializes in quality bathroom vanities, both contemporary and traditional. With offices on four continents and nearly a decade of research and development, they offer among the highest quality bathroom vanities on the market.

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James Martin Bathroom Vanity

Superior Quality Assurance

Quality is the driving force behind each and every one of James Martin Furniture’s designs, and high standards make up the foundation of the company’s philosophy. To that end, quality is the top consideration throughout the creation of each bathroom vanity, from design to manufacture and thorough testing, both in conceptual phases and to ensure the quality of the final product.

Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Construction

In a market increasingly saturated with plywood and MDF bathroom vanities, James Martin Furniture is dedicated to using only the highest quality grade-A hardwood in their 100% solid wood bathroom vanities. The timber used – usually solid oak – is kiln dried to prevent warping before undergoing an extensive hand finishing process. Each vanity is built with a frame construction and solid, old world style joints, and finished with European style soft-close doors and smooth, full-extension ball bearing drawers. Together, this creates a heavy, durable, furniture-quality bathroom vanity designed to last a lifetime.

James Martin Bathroom Vanity

Hand Made, Hand Finished Vanities

All of James Martin Furniture’s bathroom vanities are hand made and hand finished to ensure the highest quality both in terms of durability and appearance. Each vanity is treated with a multi-layer, 12-step hand applied finish or glaze to ensure the wood is properly treated and to bring out the natural character of the wood. Then, they are treated with another three hand-applied layers of varnish to increase durability and prevent warping. The highest degree of care is taken at every stage of the process to ensure a beautiful finish that will hold up to the harsh and humid conditions of a bathroom.

James Martin Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity Combos

James Martin Furniture builds their bathroom vanities to be complete. Rather than selling the vanities by themselves, all their vanities have optional custom-cut vanity tops available in a variety of stone types and colors. These vanity tops often have built in stone backsplashes and are pre-drilled for sink and faucet, and in some cases even include a sink selected to match the style and color of the vanity. Most of these vanities are also part of larger collections that include mirrors and storage cabinets, so instead of simply getting an unfinished bathroom cabinet, you can get a complete set of bathroom furniture.

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