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PolRey ideas and shopping tips

Sometimes you want to go low-key. Sometimes you want demure decor that blends together seamlessly, never overtly announcing itself. And sometimes you want decor that makes itself known. Decor that shouts. If you're looking for the latter--sumptuous and unrestrained--look no further than Polrey, makers of antique replicas and statement furniture. With factory locations in the U.S. and Mexico, they produce fine, hand-finished pieces that flirt with line between elegant and bombastic.

White and Gold


When mass produced furniture first became common, it meant the death of intricate detail work. After all, you can't get ornate hand-carved woodwork without any hand carving! But these days, mass produced doesn't have to mean simple. In fact, it's easier and more affordable than ever to get furniture with a really lavish finish, whether you're looking for authentic antique replicas or ones with a more modern twist. Using modern manufacturing techniques, brands like PolArt and PolRey ...