Charming Old Fashioned Bookshelves For A Cozy Home Library

If you ask me, there’s no better way to warm up a room than with a bookshelf. Admittedly I’m the kind of person that would line every wall floor to ceiling with books if I could, but there’s really nothing quite like the charm and coziness of a good old fashioned bookshelf. Putting out your […]

Living Room Corner Decor – Simple Ways To Decorate A Corner Of Any Size

Corners are always among the most difficult spots to decorate and, in my experience, ones that lend themselves all too well to inelegant solutions. You can’t comfortably hang art in a corner, most furniture doesn’t fit comfortably in a corner, and corner windows are more of an architectural feat than a go-to solution. Comparatively, it’s […]

Unique Modern Bookshelves That Do More Than Just Shelve Books

Bookshelves are among the most utilitarian pieces of furniture in the home. By and large, they’re designed to do one thing, and one thing only: shelve books. If you need to store books (or other roughly book-shaped media), you need a bookshelf, and nine times out of ten, that’s simply that. But if you want […]