Trendy Ideas for a Green Home

If you’re thinking about renovating your home or replacing appliances, why not make choices that are good for the environment? Going “green” doesn’t mean sitting with the lights off or downgrading your lifestyle. Often it means making beautiful, sophisticated upgrades that work more efficiently. Check out these trendy ideas that conserve natural resources, utilize recycled […]

Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Renovation Under Budget

When planning your bathroom renovation, make sure your goals include doing a well-designed, high-quality job completed in a timely manner that also meets your budgetary requirements. Here are some tips to help you reach your goals. For most, it will be a question of finding the closest compromise.   1. Plan your bathroom in advance. The best […]

What Are My Alternatives to Classic Bathroom Tile?

For many homeowners a bathroom provides an oasis from the stresses of everyday activities. In order to create an ideal atmosphere, a bathroom should have shapes, colors and textures that are conducive to relaxation. Most bathrooms are fixed in a mode of standardization with a sameness of floors, fixtures and finishes. Your bathroom can bring […]

Tips to Restore Your Leather Couches and Chairs

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A leather couch is a piece that serves as a stately, beautiful addition to your home. Yet, with time as you enjoy using it, the leather couch that was the centerpiece of your living room can get faded and dull, taking away from the overall look of your room. As you look at your investment […]

12 Easy Ways to Go Green

Small adjustments in lifestyle routines can lead to big changes, particularly when it comes to the environment. The following list details 12 easy ways to “go green” to help the environment. Not only will you decrease your negative impact on the Earth, but you will also save a few dollars and create a healthier home. […]

7 Indoor Lighting Options

Your home is your own little piece of paradise – your place away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  So if you wish to create a little more ambiance in your home or if you are simply looking for new lighting options that are not only easy to install but also affordable, consider these 7 […]