Get The Look: Redecorating To Make A Little Space Go A Long Way

For one reason or another, many us have had to find ways to do more at home in recent years. Whether your work or school is more often remote than it used to be, your household has grown, you’ve taken up new hobbies, or just spend less time on the town than you used to, many people have started feeling cramped in dream homes that no longer fit their lifestyle. But moving and renovating aren’t the only options. In fact, the best way to make your house feel like a home again? Strategic redecorating.

An image of a small corner at the base of a staircase, which has been converted into a small sitting area with a window seat
In a world of barrier-free interiors, it can take a little effort to create quiet, private, personal, single-use spaces (by Kat Lawton Interiors)

Redecorating Strategically

Much of the discontent people have started to feel with their homes comes from two places. First, from struggling to do something in a space that wasn’t designed for it; second, from having to do it in closer proximity to other people more often than you’d like. Nothing can make you long for a dedicated home office faster than trying to take a call in the same room where your kid is watching their favorite movie on repeat.

So, while I’m going to help you duplicate this lovely sitting area by Kat Lawton Interiors, this advice applies more generally. So step one is: find the friction. What’s the thing you want to do that your current home can’t accommodate the way you want it? Next, check the rest – what spaces (large or small) might you be able to repurpose or re-imagine and redecorate (yes, strategically!) to help reduce that friction?

Why It Works

In the case of this picture-perfect sitting area, the friction is: no quiet place to read, and no more coffee dates with my immune compromised BFF. Are there places in the house that could accommodate either? Sure. But dedicating a space specifically for these things reduces household friction in a few ways. First, this simple staircase landing is relatively private; though there’s no guarantee someone won’t come racing down the stairs, it’s out of the work-cook-clean ambiance of the kitchen. That makes this dedicated space both quiet and a little more relaxing. Adding a window seat adds to the comfortable ambiance, and makes the space multiply-usable… but by different people at different times, for reduced overlap. What’s really worth noting, though, is that this space previously wasn’t used for anything at all; and it easily could have remained that way without a little thoughtful attention.

Get The Look

Of course, your version of strategic redecorating can be on any scale; from a pocket sitting area to repurposing a closet, your dining room or finishing your basement garage, or attic. The important part is that you make sure not to lose anything you need in the process (whether it’s a clear walkway or the 7th and 8th dining chair you used more than you realized). When it comes to utilizing small spaces, choose slim, stylish pieces that serve as a decorative focal point.

Here, the mismatched bent wood and farmhouse chairs are petite, but lend a nice decorative flair – especially paired with the white tulip table. A nice chandelier anchors the spot, making it feel intentional despite the cramped space. The art on the walls is comprised of family photos, but strategically matted and framed to feel bold and stylish – and nicely color picked to match the pillows and cushions on the window seat. The space is a little awkward, but thoughtful styling transforms this once-forgotten corner into an inviting and much-needed getaway.

So the next time you’re ready to throw in the towel and call a real estate agent, step back and look at your house with fresh eyes. See what spaces you might reclaim or repurpose, and try redecorating to make it feel a little more like home!