Ariel Steam Showers, Walk-In Tubs, Toilets and more
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Ariel Steam Shower, Whirlpool Tubs, Toilets, Shower Panels and more

Ariel Steam Shower, Whirlpool Tubs, Toilets, Shower Panels and more

Ariel is a division of Atlas USA specializing in budget-friendly luxury bathroom fixtures. As dream bathroom remodels become more and more common, Ariel is dedicating to making some of the most important luxury bathroom features - from steam showers to whirlpool tubs - available to the average consumer.

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Ariel Whirlpool Tub

Whirlpool And Walk In Tubs

No dream bathroom would be complete without a whirlpool tub, and Ariel offers a whole line of entry to mid level whirlpool tubs - many of which have some pretty cool modern features (including ones with glass sides!). For smaller bathrooms, those with accessibility needs, or those interested in a whirlpool tub for therapeutic purposes, Ariel also has a full line of walk-in tubs designed to fit a standard bathroom and comfortably accommodate one seated occupant.

Ariel Steam Showers

Scintillating Steam Showers

The next step up from a shower panel is a pre-made steam shower. This is a more "authentic" custom shower. Though it's pre-built, it has body sprayers on multiple walls, allowing you to surround yourself with flowing water without doing any major construction or demolition. Better still, Ariel's steam showers come with built in steam baths, color changing LED lights, and AM/FM stereo systems, allowing you to get all the frills you'd want from a custom shower in a single, affordable, easy to install package.

Easy To Install Shower Panels

For anyone who would love to have a shower but can't dream of affording the demo, construction, and finishing work - to say nothing of the water bill - that such a project would require, Ariel offers a full line of shower panels. These install just like a normal shower head, but offer multiple shower heads - regular, handheld, and rainfall - as well as anywhere from three to six body spray jets, allowing you the full-body experience of a custom shower at a mere fraction of the cost.

Ariel Toilet

Modern Dual Flush Toilets

Not just for the eco-conscious, Ariel's dual flush toilets offer an excellent way to save water in a sleek modern package. Ariel incorporates cutting edge European styles into their unique, often geometric contemporary toilets, making them perfect for an updated modern bathroom. Plus, their unique hygienic glazing and smooth exteriors make them easy to clean. In essence, Ariel offers toilets that are decorative as well as functional.

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