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No matter how big or small your kitchen, chances are you´ve wished at least once for a little extra counter or storage space. Kitchen islands are designed to add both to any kitchen - without any major construction. Wherever you have an empty space, a kitchen island can easily be set into place and immediately ready to use. Smaller kitchen islands can even be moved and sometimes collapsed for additional work space when you need it without taking up extra floor space when you don´t. Whether you need a small cart or a full sized prep area, a kitchen island can help keep your kitchen cleaner, easier to use, and clutter free. As well, large freestanding kitchen islands make a nice focal point and a great place to gather and entertain, especially in a large kitchen or one with a very open floor plan. So if you´re pining for just a little extra counter space, or want to make the most of the middle of a big kitchen, a kitchen island could be the perfect supplement to your existing kitchen cabinets and counter tops.
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