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Wall sconces are usually used as soft, localized lighting, often in hallways or small spaces. Because sconces are not primarily utilitarian, but rather decorative, designers have beautified them, often making chandelier sconces with crystal drops, imitation candlestick sconces, modern architectural wall sconces and many varieties in between. Sconces can come with just one bulb or several. Consider them as finishing touches in your home, and give yourself free reign when picking out the icing on the newly remodeled cake.

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Choosing the right lighting fixtures for a hallway can be particularly challenging. Unlike most rooms, hallways usually don't benefit from any natural lighting, and often there isn't enough space to simply set down a lamp. That means any lighting in a hallway needs to be built in, but finding fixtures that fit the narrow width of the space and height of the ceilings can be its own challenge. Today...
It's the time of year where nature motivates you to stay inside and curl up with a good book or twenty until the ground stops being coated in ice. This is where a good reading nook comes in, a secluded space all your own that is comfy, filled with books on your to-read list, and well lit enough to see the words but not so bright that you get a fluorescent lighting headache. Here are some options f...
In a bedroom, one of the few places you can really get creative with your design is with the headboard. Sure, bed frames, linens, paint, and other furniture are important, but almost always the headboard is the focal point and centerpiece for the space. This has been especially true lately, with headboards trending larger and larger - not just tall and wide, but even taking up the full wall behind...
Almost everyone has some kind of lamp sitting on their night stand. It's a bare-bones, basic kind of bedside lighting that gets the job done, and usually isn't too expensive to set up. But while table lamps are the go-to for getting a little light next to your bed, they're far from the only option out there. If you want to get creative with your bedroom

Get the Look: Decorating a Traditional-Style Bathroom

When you hear the word traditional, it's possible your mind jumps to other thrilling adjectives such as average, modest, maybe even boring. However, "traditional" in interior decorating is in the same category as "contemporary" and "modern", in that it has a meaning beyond its common use. It stands for a specific set of design trends and styles. In this instance, it refe...
Choosing a new lighting fixture can be a somewhat daunting process. Even if you have a good idea of the style or type of light you want, the sheer number of options available can be a tad overwhelming. A good way to start narrowing down your options is to look for brands that offer large collections of lighting fixtures in the same style. Having the choice of several fixtures in different sizes, s...
Bathroom design has been trending more and more modern over the last decade, and in the past few years, an in-between transitional style has overtaken traditional design as the most popular. But this year there's been an interesting offshoot of this trend: a transitional style that adheres to the sleek simplicity of a modern design, but that heavily emphasizes a very classic sense of elegance. Thi...
Summer is in the air! Or at least in the near future. With April over and May upon us, your thoughts may naturally turn to pools, beaches, and summer entertaining, and long evenings spent outside are much better if you have a good space in which to enjoy them. Whether you plan on summer parties or just want a peaceful space to retreat to on your own, a well-appointed patio is worth the time and th...
So, you are all revved up for the 2017 decorating season. You know the trends, you've got your color palette all picked out, you know the Colors of the Year, possibly because you've perused these helpful

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Haven't you heard? Small is big this year, and getting bigger. With the blooming popularity of micro-homes and studio apartments, many people are beginning to think on a smaller scale square-footage wise. Limiting the space you take up is great: it saves you money, consumes less resources, and can generally make you more mindful and organized. And downsizing does not at all have to be a downgrade....