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Bar sinks are often overlooked as an opportunity to enhance the bar area. But with more variety in designs, you can now outfit your bar with a bar sink that perfectly fits your needs. Whether you need a tiny sink to rinse glasses in a small bar or want a shaped, long sink for a bar where you entertain many – and often! – new designs are more sophisticated and more affordable. Depending on your bar set-up, these extra bar sinks can also serve as excellent prep areas for food preparation. Keep in mind, like for any other sink, it’s often easiest to shop for a sink and faucet together, to assure compatibility.
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Brand:   Sierra Copper
Brand:   Sierra Copper
Brand:   Sierra Copper
Brand:   Sierra Copper
Brand:   Sierra Copper
Brand:   sierra copper
Brand:   rohl Series: KITCHEN SINKS
Brand:   herbeau Series: Fireclay Drop-In / Undermount Sink
Brand:   herbeau Series: "Seine" Oval Bowl
Brand:   Soci
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