Scarabeo Vitreous China Bathroom Lavatory Sinks

Scarabeo - Luxurious Bathroom Sinks, Toilets, Bidets and more

Scarabeo is an Italian designer that has been putting the bathroom sink at the forefront of bathroom design since 1974. A small but rigorous company, Scarabeo offers sinks, vessel sinks, and wall mounted sinks are simply but stunningly designed and ideal for a modern or contemporary bathroom setting.

Scarabeo bathroom Fixtures

Shapely, Stylish Sinks

Scarabeo offers stylish porcelain and vitreous china sinks that add a new twist to the classic form. These are anything but your average sink, replacing traditional round or oval shapes with asymmetrical curves and unexpected angles. The white material makes them simple and sleek, perfect for a contemporary or modern bathroom, but also gives them a subtly statuesque quality that makes them eye catching enough to be at the forefront of your bathroom design.

Wall Mounted Toilets And Bidets

In the spirit of stylized sinks, Scarabeo also offers a full line of wall mounted toilets and bidets. Designed in the same and similarly modern styles as their sinks, these fixtures can help carry the simple, stylish porcelain design throughout your bathroom. More than that, these fixtures are especially nice because, in a world of largely same-looking toilets, Scarabeo’s are unique and even pretty, and can add to your modern aesthetic instead of just occupying space out of necessity.

Scarabeo bathroom Fixtures

Gravity Defying Design

Many of Scarabeo’s toilets and bidets, are designed to be wall mounted. Together with their wall mounted sinks, this creates the illusion that all your fixtures are, well, floating. This is a great way not only to literally open up your space by adding more floor room, but also a way to visually make your bathroom seem lighter, airier, and more open – a far cry from your average angular modern design.

Scarabeo bathroom Fixtures

Small Company, Evolving Aesthetic

Though Scarabeo is a relatively small company with an admittedly somewhat small design repertoire, their limited size allows them much greater flexibility of design than larger companies. That means that as trends change, Scarabeo has a greater ability to respond to them, as well as to feedback from their consumers. As a result, not only will you get beautiful, innovative bathroom designs, but you’ll find a whole line of products that are consistently on the cutting edge of the market.

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