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Ronbow Bathroom Vanities and Furniture

Ronbow Bathroom Vanities and Furniture

Ronbow is an international company that focuses on making luxury bathroom furniture that's both affordable and environmentally friendly. With a full range of traditional and contemporary designs, and a whole line of innovative green products, Ronbow makes it easy to find a design that you'll love for an eco-friendly bathroom.

Ronbow Bathroom Vanities and Furniture

Variety of Design

Ronbow designs and manufactures all its own bathroom furniture, which affords them the unique ability not only to have a wide selection of different styles, but also to keep up with and respond to current trends. Whether you're looking for a modern, contemporary, traditional, or transitional style, Ronbow has a bathroom vanity set that will appeal to your tastes. Many of their designs are also modular in style, making them flexible for just about any sized bathroom.

Ronbow Bathroom Vanities and Furniture

Quality Construction

While many companies that promise affordable luxury use inferior materials to help cut costs, Ronbow is dedicated to using only the highest quality materials and construction techniques. Their products are made with solid, CARB-rated hardwood plywood, never MDF or plywood, to ensure a long-lasting durability and water resistance. As well, the drawers on their vanities and cabinets are made with dovetail jointing for strength, with full extension drawers, and soft closing drawers, doors, and smooth ball-bearing drawer glides.

Ronbow Bathroom Vanities and Furniture

10-Step Finishing Process

All of Ronbow's products are finished using a unique 10-step process. Each and every bathroom vanity, mirror frame, storage cabinet, and medicine cabinet is repeatedly sanded, stained, sealed, and dried, often by hand, to ensure a smooth, uniform, and highly waterproof final product, inside and out.

Strawboard Collection

Perhaps Ronbow's most innovative, eco-friendly offering is their Strawboard collection, a complete set of bathroom furniture made of strawboard. Strawboard is a sustainable alternative to particleboard made from agricultural byproducts - namely straw left over from the harvesting of wheat, barley, and rice. This material is compressed and heated, binding the fibers with their natural resin to create a dense, sturdy, durable board that's resistant to water, termites, mold, mildew, and fire. And because strawboard is made of a material that would otherwise be burned as refuse, it actually has a negative carbon footprint.

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