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Ramon Soler - Designer kitchen and bathroom faucets

Ramon Soler - Designer kitchen and bathroom faucets from Italy

Founded in 1890, Ramon Soler has over 120 years of experience in creating fine taps, mixers, shower heads, and other luxury bathroom fixtures. Begun as a small metallurgy, Ramon Soler is still family owned and operated, but now operates on five continents and produces fine bathroom and kitchen hardware tha's sold around the world.

Ramon Soler Fixtures

Family Pride

Ramon Soler is a family name for a family company, and even four generations removed from their founder, that name is still a point of pride. All of Ramon Soler's designs are done in house, and the family is personally invested in creating beautiful, ergonomic kitchen and bathroom fixtures of the future while remaining true to their heritage. In terms of the environment, efficiency, comfort, and innovation, Ramon Soler is entirely progressive, but still holds to good old fashioned accountability, which ensures the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Ramon Soler Fixtures

Environmentally Conscious

For years, Ramon Soler has been dedicated to creating the most environmentally friendly products possible. Nearly all their products are fitted with their unique Ecoplus and Termostop features, which dramatically reduces water consumption and reduces energy use for heating water, all without sacrificing utility or user comfort. Ramon Soler believes that protecting the environment is a collective responsibility, and is continually seeking to do their part, reducing the environmental impact of their faucets while providing the best user experience possible.

Ramon Soler Fixtures

Innovative Ergonomic Shower and Faucet Design

While many manufacturers in the market are limited to servicing residential needs, and occasionally the hospitality market, Ramon Soler is unique in the breadth of its consumer market. In addition to homes and hotels, Ramon Soler also offers a wide range of products for businesses, hospitals, and nursing homes. That gives them the ability to offer unique and innovative solutions for people with physical handicaps or limited mobility.

Safe, Easy To Use, And Beautiful

Ramon Soler seeks to offer products that are the best of all worlds - beautiful, usable, and held to the highest environmental and safety regulations. With a wide variety of safety options - from anti-scald valves to faucets and fillers with antibacterial properties - in addition to their standard water and energy efficiency options, you might think that Ramon Soler's fixtures look as sterile as the hospitals they serve. But the truth is, their simple, ergonomic modern aesthetic is the much needed answer to generic bathroom taps, adding style and ease of use as well as a myriad of safety features.

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