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Meditub Walk-In Tubs

Meditub Walk-In Tubs

Meditub is a US-based manufacturer of ADA approved walk-in bathtubs. With a variety of styles for a variety of physical and aesthetic needs, Meditub makes it their goal to help you find the right tub to help you maintain your personal independence.

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Meditub Walk-In Tubs

Walk In Tubs

As we age, day to day tasks become more difficult, sometimes to the point that we need assistance to accomplish them. Bathing is a private act, and Meditub seeks to help those who struggle with it remain independent. Walk in tubs allow users to simply step into the tub rather than climbing over the apron, and sit in a comfortable, supportive seat rather than laying all the way down in the tub, making the bath easier to navigate and much more comfortable and usable.

Meditub Walk-In Tubs

Hydrotherapy Options

In addition to the convenience of having an accessible walk-in tub, many of Meditub's bathtubs can also be equipped with a variety of hydrotherapy options. These air system and water jet tubs can help relieve arthritis and soothe aching muscles and joints, as well as help improve circulation. And all of Meditub's walk in tubs come standard with in-line heating to maintain the temperature of your water for as long as you're using it.

Meditub Walk-In Tubs

Acrylic or Fiberglass Construction

Meditub's walk in tubs are made of either acrylic or fiberglass, and are designed to be both lightweight and durable to promote ease of installation. Though fiberglass is somewhat lighter, both materials are sturdy, warm to the touch, and can easily be repaired in the event of damage. As well, all of Meditubs walk in tubs include an extension kit, free of charge, so that any of their smaller walk in tubs can fit seamlessly into a standard 60" opening.

Variety of Designs

While most standard tubs are more alike than not, walk in tubs are tailored to specific needs, from tubs that are wider to accommodate larger users to ones with low seats or specially sized or spaced doors to help accommodate wheelchair-bound users. Walk in tubs are a surprisingly personal choice in this regard, and Meditub aims to offer a wide enough selection that you'll always find the tub you need.

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