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Mediterranea Porcelain Tile

Mediterranea Porcelain Tile

Mediterranea is an American based porcelain tile manufacturer with an Italian flair. Making tiles in America, for America, and by Americans, Mediterranea is at the cutting edge of home tile design technology. They offer a huge variety of high quality printed porcelain tiles that range in design from replica travertine to stylized weathered wood patterns. Better still, their products are LEED certified and are made in environmentally friendly facilities, which make them an excellent addition to a green home.

Mediterranea Porcelain Tile

Dynamic HD Imaging

Mediterranea is at the forefront of porcelain tile design, with an utterly unique approach to tile creation. Using Dynamic HD Imaging, Mediterranea is able to print any image or pattern directly onto their tile with the most picture-perfect, flawless results. Using this process, they've been able to recreate tile designs from around the world - from their branches in Italy and Turkey, as well as patterns they've found in the "wild" like weather worn wood planks from America's coastal boardwalks. That means that you can get authentic looking tile with natural stone patterns and beautiful natural variations that are not only less expensive, but also more durable than the real thing. Plus, their tile's strength, hardness, and low water absorption mean that you can bring patterns - like natural wood - into settings where the "real deal" wouldn't hold up well.

Mediterranea Porcelain Tile

Italian Design Made In The USA

Michael Mariutto comes from four generations of Italian tile makers, but since 1987 he's set up shop in the United States, with manufacturing facilities in Tennessee and Alabama and customer service resources in Florida. That means that while you're getting the finest designs that Mediterranea's Italy, Turkey, and Brazil branches have to offer, they're a 100% American made product, using local materials and domestic manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Mediterranea Porcelain Tile

LEED Certified (And Other Good Green Policies)

In terms of environmental consciousness, Mediterranea is definitely one of the good guys, with earth-first practices at all stages of production. All their tile is LEED certified for use in green homes in the US, but Mediterranea also holds their products to higher European standards for recycled content, with some tiles containing as much as 51% recycled material. Mediterranea recycles from within, reusing 100% of waste material and 90-100% of the water used in production, and also recycles from without, reclaiming usable material that's cast off from home renovations. Mediterranea tiles are made from 100% natural minerals, primarily quartz, clay, kaolin, feldspar, and silica. They never use any sealants, waxes, epoxies or other man-made binders. They don't even use artificial coloring agents. That also makes them Green Guard certified, as they produce no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and can help keep the air in your home cleaner and safer.

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