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Iotti Modern Italian Bathroom Vanities

Iotti - Contemporary Bathroom Vanities from Italy

Founded in 1973, Iotti is an Italian company that specializes in manufacturing bathroom furniture. They've only recently debuted their products in the American market, but have been making high quality bathroom furnishings for decades. With an eye toward the future but a respect for tradition, Iotti's products have a unique European aesthetic that's perfectly suited for compact modern spaces.

Iotti Bathroom Vanities

Stylish European Design

Italy is known as one of the major design hubs of the world, and not just in the fashion capital of Milan. Italians prize beauty, and that shows through in Iotti's elegant, fashion-forward bathroom designs. Their aesthetic is simple, streamlined, and stylish, with unique details - like backlit mirrors and stunning geometric decals - that make them not only nice to look at, but easy to use.

Iotti Bathroom Vanities

Compact Construction

Part of having a European aesthetic is that many of Iotti's bathroom collections are designed to be compact, with small footprints and sophisticated, intelligent storage spaces. Because bathrooms in Italy and Europe as a whole tend to be smaller than your average American one, many of their designs are highly efficient and well organized as well as aesthetically pleasing. Ideally suited for an urban loft or smaller modern home, their more compact bathroom vanities and accessories offer a nice space saving solution you might not find from an American manufacturer.

Complete, Customizable Bathroom Collections

Iotti doesn't just build bathroom vanities, they build complete bathrooms. Each of their unique collections offer many multiple components, including bathroom vanities, sinks, faucets, mirrors, medicine cabinets, shelves, benches, and a huge variety of freestanding and wall mounted storage cabinets. All of their pieces can be purchased individually, and because many of their designs are modular in nature, they're easy to mix, match, and mount any way you want to get exactly the bathroom decor you need.

Iotti Bathroom Vanities

Emphasis On Wellness

In 2010, Iotti hired Marco Novellini, a bright star in the world of wellness-oriented bathroom design. His specialty lies in designing fashion-forward bathrooms and chic shower systems, and he brings his unique, cutting edge modern aesthetic to Iotti's newer collections. With the help of his sharp design mind, Iotti is dedicated to building bathroom furnishings that are easy and ergonomical to use as well as aesthetically pleasing.

100% Italian Made

Iotti is completely Italian owned and operated, with all stages of design, production, manufacturing, and packaging taking place exclusively in Italy. In fact, all the materials that go into Iotti's bathroom furnishings are Italian sourced and 100% made in Italy. This ensures an incredibly high degree of quality throughout all of their final products, since Iotti handles all production directly, never outsourcing any part of the process.

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