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Hertland Kitchen Appliances - Ranges, Ovens, Dishwashers, Refrigerators and more.

The world´s leading manufacturer of traditional styled appliances, Heartland specializes in kitchen appliances that look like they´ve come straight out of the 1920s but are packed with all the modern conveniences. If you´re designing a vintage kitchen, there´s no more authentic appliances on the market today, and not just ranges, either. They have a whole line of turn-of-the-century inspired appliances.

Heartland Kitchen Range

Fusion Of Old And New

Heartland´s kitchen appliances are outwardly inspired by the Oval Woodburning Cookstove debuted in 1925, with beautiful nickel trim and bright, colorful porcelain paneling. These are the stoves you´d find in old timey kitchen ads - single freestanding units with cute feet and a built in range hoods. But inside, these ranges don´t skimp on modern technology, with responsive gas and electric cooktops, and convection ovens. The heat registers on an old fashioned temperature dial, but is digitally controlled via a touch pad hidden behind a vintage style panel to maintain the antique look and feel.

Heartland Kitchen Range

Convenience In A Small Package

Heartland´s compact kitchen ranges are ideally suited for a smaller kitchen, but that doesn´t mean they skimp on functionality, either. In fact, in addition to the 4 cubic foot convection oven, their ranges also come with two storage areas, one for utensils and one for trays and pans, as well as a spacious humidity controlled warming drawer for plates, side dishes, or proofing dough.

Versatile Fuel Sources

Believe it or not, Heartland actually offers ranges that aren´t just replicas – they´re actually fully functioning wood burning stoves. In fact, their ranges are incredibly flexible, with your choice of fuel - electricity, gas, propane, wood, or some combination of the four. This makes them an ideal choice for homes with limited or no access to one or more types of power, and especially for rustic cabin style homes with ready access to firewood.

Heartland Kitchen Range

Total Vintage Design

While the aesthetic of Heartland´s kitchen ranges pre-dates many other common kitchen appliances (like, oh, say, refrigerators), that doesn´t stop them from creating a full line of modern appliances that share the same vintage aesthetic. Their Energy Star rated refrigerators and dishwashers have the same lustrous nickel trim and colorful porcelain paneling, and are perfectly designed to create a complete vintage design… even if it´s not entirely historically accurate.

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