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Toscano Pharaoh Amenhotep Royal Scarab Box WU71462


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Brand: Toscano
Series: Holiday & Gifts > Gift for the Collector
UPC: 840798117968
MPN: WU71462
Width: 5.5
Length: 4
Height: 3

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This item is non-returnable unless damaged.

Amenhotep III commissioned many commemorative scarabs to be sent as royal gifts that marked the accomplishments of his Egyptian dynasty. Scarab beetles were prized because they mirrored the way the Egyptian sun god Khepri was said to roll the sun across the horizon each day. Our Design Toscano replica artifact is sculpted with a beetle's head, wing case and legs, all in a beautifully compact form. The entire Egyptian sculptural box, including the liftable lid, is cast in quality designer resin and hand painted to replicate the faience earthenware and glazed blue lapis once highly prized by Egyptian royalty. 5½"Wx3½"Dx3"H. 2 lbs.

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