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Afd Lion King Chair EKA-M-CLK


Retail Price:  $2,237.50

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Brand: AFD
Series: CHAIRS
Color: Multi-Colored
Width: 0
Length: 0
Height: 0
Material: Wood

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Our lion king chair is a popular selling yet uniquely. Original design hand carved in solid mahogany. This chair has been used in countless movies,tv shows and public forums when interior designers and set directors are seeking a prominent seat with a regal renaissance flair. with its massive carved lion masks, and abundantly carved additional details and its stately back, this is a design fit for a king. Or his queen, a bishop. Or a cardinal , a bride. Or any person who seeks the grand and unusual. The finish is a fine furniture quality finish. Of hand rubbed mahogany with antiquing. It is a pain staking process creating hand carved furniture in a timeless traditional way ...one piece. One item at a time. But customers who find beauty in. Owning the real , the lost arts and the grand styles. Of yesteryear will appreciate bench made quality furniture made the. Old fashioned way. This chair is certain to be commented. On and a focus for its prominence when placed in the right decor.

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