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BioFlame Ethanol Fireplaces

BioFlame Fireplace Company

BioFlame is an innovative new company that's seeking to change the way we think about fireplaces. While fireplaces, traditionally, are architectural structures, BioFlame treats them more like living art - portable, beautiful, and completely self contained.

Eco Friendly Bio Fuel Fireplaces

Since ancient times, the hearth has been the center of the home - a source of heat and light for the family to gather around. Modern technology has lessened our reliance on fireplaces, but BioFlame seeks to restore them to their rightful place in the center of the home by combining the convenience of a portable heater with the beauty and warmth of natural flame.


BioFlame fireplaces replace expensive and polluting traditional fuel sources like wood or natural gas with bio ethanol, an ultra-clean burning liquid fuel derived from agricultural products. Using bio ethanol not only eliminates the fireplace's carbon footprint, but strips away all the inconvenience of a traditional fireplace: the fuel burns so cleanly that the fireplaces don't need to be vented at all, which means no chimneys, vents, or flutes, and because the fuel is poured directly into the fireplace, you won't need to hook it up to a natural gas line. With all the costly, bulky construction and installation stripped away, BioFlame's fireplaces are perfectly suited to fit any home - even apartments or studios.

BioFlame Fireplace Quality

BioFlame fireplaces are functional as well as beautiful, burning four times hotter than electric fireplaces and 60% longer per refill than the competition. Each gallon of fuel will last about 3 weeks, assuming 1-4 hours of use per night, and all of their fireplaces can easily heat a 400-600 square foot room.

BioFlame Fireplace Beauty

All of BioFlame's fireplaces have a sleek, modern aesthetic, relying on black and brushed stainless steel, brushed aluminum, glass, and concrete to create a stark and breathtaking design. Each of the 22 fireplaces in their collection are completely unique and are sized, shaped, and styled to be convenient to just about any space, indoors or out, both for your decor and your heating needs. Many can be mounted on or in a wall like a three dimensional painting, and quite a few are free standing and can be placed in any room in your home or even outside to make an amazing, unique centerpiece.

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