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Avanity Bathroom Vanities

Avanity Bathroom Vanities

Avanity is a company that makes truly designer bathroom vanities. Expertly combining traditional and contemporary elements, their collections are unfailingly elegant, tasteful, and unique. Their vanities range from minimal and modern to elaborate and sophisticated, all with a contemporary sleekness that makes them the perfect addition for a posh modern home.

Avanity Bathroom Vanity

Transitional Styles For A Timeless Appearance

Throughout their vanity collections, Avanity utilizes a variety of materials and styles, from the very modern use of MDF all the way to classical high quality mahogany veneers. This blend of old and new, sleek modern lines with intricate traditional carving, and casual contemporary functionality with antique sophistication result in beautiful, timeless vanities ideal for a wide variety of home applications. Better still, because their vanities blend many multiple stylistic influences, they aren´t likely to become dated any time soon.

Sized To Fit your Bathroom

While many bathroom vanities come in a single size and a single style, nearly all of Avanity´s vanity collections come in many multiple sizes and often multiple finishes. Whether you have a small urban loft or a sprawling country home, they offer the same styles of vanities in the sizes you need to fit your space – no more compromising your taste just because the vanity you love isn´t quite to scale.

Complete Bathroom Design

In addition to their flexible bathroom vanity designs, Avanity also offers a whole range of matching bathroom furniture to go with each of their vanity collections. From beautiful, hand carved mirrors to a wide variety of storage cabinets, and even custom counter tops and sinks, you aren´t just buying a vanity, you´re building a beautiful new bathroom.

Customizable Height

A feature not found in many bathroom vanities, almost all of Avanity´s bathroom vanities can be adjusted via removable feet to accommodate either a traditional or vessel style sink. With most vanities, you´re stuck with either or, but Avanity´s have small height boosters that blend seamlessly to the bottoms of the legs - sometimes simple extensions of the legs, sometimes decorative feet that simply screw on and off to accommodate your personal preference.

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