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Graff - Luxury Faucets for Kitchen and Bath

Graff - Luxury Faucets for Kitchen and Bath

Since 1922, Graff has made it their goal to be at the cutting edge of high end design, with an amazing selection of avant-garde, trend-setting modern kitchen and bathroom faucets, fixtures, and accessories.

Graff Faucets

Kitchen And Bar Faucets

Graff has been around for a long time, and their long-standing dedication to design is evident in their kitchen and bar faucet collections. Ranging from classic, cross-handled French country style faucets to the most innovative modern designs, Graff puts a strong emphasis on both aesthetics and functionality. Whether vintage or modern styled, many of their kitchen and bar faucets come with modern features, like pull down sprayers and solid brass construction to ensure not only that they're visually pleasing, but also that they're extremely functional and durable.

Graff Faucets

Beautiful Bathroom Faucets

With a strong emphasis on elegance and ergonomics, Graff's bathroom faucets are designed to both beautiful and easy to use. With unique, unusual modern designs and alternative handle types - from joystick style faucet handles to unique modern mixers - Graff's bathroom faucet collection offers a variety of ways to get a unique, stunning visual appeal from what many people consider a rather utilitarian fixture. And with designs that work equally well with a traditional or vessel sink, it's easy to find a style to suit your needs.

Luxurious Bathing Fixtures

Luxury showers and soaking tubs are becoming increasingly popular, and Graff has gone above and beyond the call of duty in keeping pace with this trend. With beautiful deck mounted hand showers, elegant, classical Roman tub fillers, and shower sets and tub fillers in a variety of finishes, Graff makes it easy to get a complete, coordinated set of bath fixtures to make the most decadent part of your bathroom design really shine.

Graff Faucets

Total Bathroom Design

While Graff's main focus is on creating bathroom and kitchen faucets, their approach to bathroom design is somewhat more holistic. In addition to their lavatory, shower, and bath faucets, they also offer a whole line of bathroom accessories done in the same finishes and designs. From delicate antique robe hooks to beautiful modern soap dishes, each of their collections extends beyond the basics into a complete bathroom style.

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