Sierra Copper - Sierra Copper Essex Mini Tub with Rings, SC-ESX-34R

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Brand: sierra copper
Finish: Tempered
Width: 0
Length: 0
Height: 0
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Sierra Copper Essex Tub

Our mini hand hammered copper slipper tub makes a great wash tub for your pet or a great water trough for your larger pets. Also makes a great and unique planter.
Product CodeO.D.I.D.Stock
SC-ESX-34R34"x19"x15"mini29"x14"4-6 weeks
SC-ESX-66R67"x30"x32"62"x25"4-6 weeks
SC-ESX-72R72"x32"x32"67"x27"4-6 weeks

Item#: SC-ESX-34R
Brand: Sierra Copper
Gauge: 14
Drain Opening: 2"
Catalog Page: 17
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