Fima Carlo Frattini Luxury Italian Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets and Shhowers
Fima Carlo Frattini

Fima Carlo Frattini - Luxury Designer Plumbing for Kitchen and Bathroom

Established in 1960 by Carlo Frattini, Fima is a family managed company that produces designer faucets and taps. Sourced, designed, manufactured, and produced entirely in Italy, Fima offers a high quality European aesthetic, blending unique traditional artisan personality with cutting edge modern technology and style for both the kitchen and the bathroom.

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Fima Carlo Frattini - Luxury Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

Luxury Bathroom Design

Above all else, Fima aims to create a truly luxurious bathroom experience, combining the best parts of functionality and design. With a huge selection of shower and bath fixtures that range from traditional to ultra modern, Fima makes it easy to build your dream bathroom, and especially your dream shower. From rainfall shower heads to body sprayers, hand showers, and even shower panels, Fima offers a variety of luxury shower components for any style or budget.

Fima Carlo Frattini - Luxury Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

Vintage Inspiration

Though it would be difficult to call Fima's aesthetic anything but modern, many of their faucets and fixtures pay homage to traditional designs. From classical porcelain and cross-handled kitchen and bathroom faucets to simplified versions of old fashioned clawfoot tub fillers, Fima offers updated chrome versions of elegant, historical fixtures as well as a full array of more traditional materials.

Solid Modern Design

Even with a nod toward vintage styles, Fima is solidly a modern designer, with many uniquely shaped, technologically sophisticated and innovative faucets and fixtures. From futuristic waterfall faucets to cool cubist tub fillers, if you're looking for cutting edge modern styles for your bathroom or kitchen, Fima is sure to have what you need.

Fima Carlo Frattini - Luxury Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

Unique Detailing

As an Italian company, you can be sure that Fima is concerned with style. In fact, one of their most prestigious lines, the Brick Chic collection, uses authentic Swarovski crystals to accent their sleek, geometric modern fixtures. The detailing is subtle, sophisticated, and just a little bit sparkly - a classic finish on a very cubist line.


Fima is dedicated to protecting the environment. With a 500 kilowatt photovoltaic plant already in use and a second one on the way, they make it a priority to reduce their company's environmental impact. Fima adheres to the strictest regulations, using only quality raw materials (and recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible), and uses innovative processes to eliminate the production of noxious particles. Even their faucets are designed to reduce water and energy consumption, with low-flow fixtures and sophisticated temperature controls, so you know you're buying one of the most environmentally friendly products in the market.

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